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20 Apr 2014

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Be a slave?


Are you serious?

Yes. I am. Be a slave. Be a slave to your rituals.

Rituals?. Why?

It works. It produces results. It helps to achieve all your goals.

Almost all of us have some sort of goals to accomplish right?. Be it personal, professional, health-related, relationship related or whatever it is, there are few proven steps to achieve your goals (Trust me!. It works).

  1. Write down your goals on paper.
  2. Break down the big goals into small steps/action items.
  3. Devise a daily routine/ritual - the small action items that must be done every day.
  4. Follow your rituals, consistently.

Invariably, all self-development coaches would say this,

Getting clear on what you want in your life, writing them on paper is very important. Once you are clear, you will wake up from bed excited about your purpose. You would want to spend your entire life, working for that purpose.

Those words are true. Etch them in gold.

Steps 1 - 3, does not require much effort. Few hours or days of your time is enough. I have done that multiple times. It’s easy. But, why many people did not achieve their goals or live their dream life?. Why the reality sucks?.

It’s because of step 4 - Follow your rituals, consistently.

What happens when the rituals live only on paper?.


Your so-called “free will” will always interfere with your goals. A sweet little voice will talk to you, to keep you in the soft comfy bed in the early morning. You would think, “I decided those goals. I decided the rituals. I know I can do that later also. My body needs rest now. I decide to sleep”. That’s all. Job’s done. You wake up with a guilty feeling and decide that you will not repeat that tomorrow. I would call it a lazy reasoning. Fuck that!.

If you are a slave. You have no choice. You have no free will. You must do what you have written down in your own rituals.

If you have to wake up in the morning - you must wake up. There is no time for that sweet little discussion in your mind.

If your ritual says that you wanted to run daily - you must run, no matter even if it rains heavily.

If you have to lift weights on that day - you must lift. There is no choice of not going to the gym.

End of the day, you would have accomplished your goals. You would be happy. You can move forward with the next set of goals.

Be a slave to your rituals.

You can read this blog post on the benefits of following a ritual - Waking up early at 5 AM daily.

Well, Point taken. All is good. But, I don’t like the word “Slavery” - Fine. Call it with whatever name you like. I don’t care, as long as you stick to your rituals. Slavery is the closest thing that I can think of, on completing the assigned work irrespective of any obstacles.

Just stick to your rituals !!!

home > categories > self-improvement

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