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28 Apr 2014

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You are fresh, out of college, have a bunch of friends. Most of you decide to work for some company and few of you may start your own company. You are in touch with all your friends, knowing exactly what your friends do for a living. Great!.

Few years pass. Some of you change the companies, some of you change the work locations, some of you go abroad. In the meantime, you get a bunch of new friends in work, locality, gym, facebook etc. You don’t remember many of your friends work history, except the very few that you are in touch with. Hmm…

Few more years pass, your friend’s list explodes and you hardly know where your closest college friend works. Even though you are in touch with them via any of the social networks, there was never a need to know/remember who is working where, until you plan to change the job or your friends ask you to refer him/her to any specific job/company. Right?.

Problem Statement

I have 1000+ friends on Facebook (I know 90% of them in person). In recent times, I get a lot of resumes from my friends, asking me to refer them or any of their friends for a job opening. Most of the times, these requests are not specific to a job or a company. It would be a generic request to pass the resumes to my friends. I hardly know, 3 - 4 friends company names by heart.

But, If I know, where each of my friend’s works, their position, and their location - it would be very helpful for me to refer the right person to the right organization. It would actually benefit my friend as well as the company that he might join.


I looked around to see if there are any apps/service that would give me that specific details. I could not find any. I could have used LinkedIn, but not many of my friends are in. So, I wrote a small single page app which pulls your Facebook friends work history and presents it in a tabular format. I wrote this for myself.

When I showed this app to a couple of my friends, they were very interested to see their friends work history. Interestingly - one of my friends had an interview scheduled for company XXX the next day; when he logged into this app, he was surprised to see five of his friends already working on company XXX. Had he known this before, he would have avoided a lot of hassles with the hiring processes. It’s too late anyway !.

That’s when I felt this simple app may help you too and hosted this app online. This is a very simple app. Just log in with your Facebook credentials and authorize the application. Your friends work history will be loaded into a sortable table format. I provided links to your friend’s Facebook page, so you can message them directly. This app will NOT list your friend’s name if he/she has not updated their work info on facebook.

I am surprised to see that I have friends working in 313 different companies across the globe. I never realized that I have so many connections and I could use them to help people. WOW !!!… Find out the power of your connections :)

Apologies. I deleted all my social accounts and the associated apps.

Please feel free to implement the idea.

home > categories > apps

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