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29 Sep 2013

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What is a Blueprint for Life?

It is the set of values that we live by. It is a set of rights/wrongs that we should/shouldn’t do in our lives. Whether you know it or not, like it or not, everybody has a blueprint. I can simplify the term Blueprint with the term “Preference”. Some people prefer to wake up early and some prefer to cuddle with bed till noon, Some prefer not to lie at any cost and some simply doesn’t bother, Some doesn’t drink alcohol and some drinks a lot, some prefers monogamy and some prefer polygamy. The list goes on and on, from very simple practice to the very complex situations in your life.

Your habits, blueprints, preferences, thought patterns - all mean the same. Your reaction to most of the situations in your life can be predicted if your blueprint is known. You may say that you choose everything with your free will, rather than with the conditioned thought patterns. Consider this - if you never woke up before noon on any day and I ask you to wake up at 5 AM from tomorrow onward - How easily could you do that?. If it is tough for you, then this is on your blueprint.

For many people, the blueprint is set by the religion they adhere to or set by their parents in their early ages or set by the teachings of the Guru’s they follow dearly. Few people knew what their blueprint is, consciously updating their blueprints as they gain new experiences in life. Rest of the human population is simply unaware that they have a blueprint.

Should I bother about my blueprint?

Not required, if you are extremely happy and excited about your life and everything around you. After all, that is the only purpose of your life. Just enjoy the ride!… In case, your happiness begins to fade, then you are off the track and you must to do something to get back on track. How?. Consciously evaluate and update your blueprint. Why?. Because your blueprint affects every little decision that you will make in your life.

How to list your Blueprint?

List down all the values, practices or rituals that you live by. If you have never thought about your own set of values, you may need a little help. Imagine or think about your one complete day, from the moment you wake up till you go back to sleep. Slowly think about every single event that happens in your day. Do you see a pattern?. Do you see yourself doing the same thing again and again?. Do you see yourself behaving to a similar situation in the same way or different way each time?. Write them down.

Imagine the happiest or the toughest situation in your life. Did you react in a way that you wanted to react or did you react to your will?. Did you stand for what you felt right or succumbed to the situation?. Do you have any goal?. Will you do anything to achieve that goal or only the things that you feel right?. Do you want to serve the people?. How do you react to your relationships?. You take some relationships for granted, like your mom & dad?. How are you when you are with friends and compare that you being with strangers.

These are some of the questions which will help you to discover your blueprints. Feel free to add more relevant questions. You may not get to know all the values in your blueprint. But you will surely get the core values which defines you. That’s more than enough.

How to evaluate your Blueprint?

Once you have the list of values to live by - think through each of the values in the list. Think about when this value would have been added to your blueprint. Think about the situation that caused you to adhere to this value. You will be surprised that most of your core values were formed during your childhood, mostly from your parents and society.

Many times, you may not be able to point out a specific situation that changed your blueprint. It could be a series of experiences that caused the change in you. That’s fine. Evaluate that specific value for it’s relevance to today. If you continue with this value, will you achieve your goals or will you continue to be happy?. Will this value be relevant in the future?. What is the downside of continuing this value in your life?. Are ready for that?.

Once you completed the evaluation of that specific value in your blueprint, move on to the next value. When the evaluation of all the values complete, your life becomes crystal clear for you. You know what to do and what not to do. You precisely know how to react to a specific situation that is in conflict with your value system. Your life becomes easy.

Updating your blueprint

As long as you live, you will encounter new experiences, meet new people that will change your perception of your life, drastically. When you feel the urge to change from inside, Change!!!. Refine your blueprint. Live with the new one. Don’t hold to your old beliefs/values. I would never suggest resisting all the changes. I suggest that when you change, change consciously.

Other’s values in your blueprint

There may be some values in your blueprint which are imposed by others. There may be some things that you always wanted to do, but prohibited by your religion, society, family, friends, relatives etc. Those are not your values. Check the relevance of that value in your current life. Will that help you to progress in your life?. Will that keep you happy?. If yes, adhere to it and thank whoever imposed it on you. If not, refine that value with something new and thank yourself.

My Blueprint:

Below are some of the core values in my blueprint, just to give an idea of what your list might look like. I did not publish everything, though. Neither should you. There will definitely be some values so intimate to you. Keep it to yourself.

  1. Never lie in any situation (If I must, I choose NOT to say anything - but never lie)
  2. Never fear anyone or any situation (If I fear something, voluntarily face it - till the fear fades away)
  3. Respect comes from within, never bother to respect everyone (this one formed during my adolescent years and I am trying to change it now)
  4. Eat Healthy & Nutritious Food (When I first read about Raw Vegan Lifestyle during my 7th grade)
  5. Avoid Junk foods & Carbonated Beverages (Formed after the previous value)
  6. Exercise regularly (Inspired by actor Surya in the Movie “Kakka Kakka”)
  7. Wake up Early (Inspired by Robin Sharma’s teachings)
  8. Stop Drinking & Smoking (Promised my sister and adhered to it for 5 years - changed now to a social drinker)

Did you find yours?

home > categories > self-improvement

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