500 Days of Happy Marriage

20 Sep 2013

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500th Day Greeting Card

18-Sep-2013. It started like any another day in the recent past. Woke up at 5 AM, brushed my teeth, drank a liter of water and ready to start my morning rituals. Just then, I noticed my laptop was closed. With a heavy sigh, I thought, “She stopped the torrent again, oooh”. I was surprised to see a nicely folded red color paper, printed with the text “Looking Gorgeous”, inside my laptop. Inside the paper was the first clue “Cupboards with empty bottles will quench your thirst”. I realized that it was a treasure hunt by my wife, one clue will lead to another and I am sure going to get a treat. I was excited and also confused at the same time. I could not think of any special occasion. I tried hard for a while and proceeded with the treasure hunt.

500th Day Tip on Laptop

I found the second clue in the kitchen cabinet, third near the washing machine, fourth inside the shoe rack, fifth inside the freezer, sixth in my bike in the parking lot. While running down to the parking lot, I thought “When did she plan all these things?”. I came home early last evening, had early dinner and watched the whole movie “Jeans” with her and went to bed. It was a very relaxed evening and I was with her all the time, till we slept. But entire treasure hunt is planned before 5 AM in the morning. She must have done this after I slept. Hmm… How did she guess that I will open the laptop first? - I have no idea. Maybe she guessed it too. It worked !. I love you pondatti !!!

The seventh clue was under the kitchen floor mat, the eighth clue was with Sruthi, sleeping in the second bedroom. I was reluctant to wake her up at that time. But, it was mentioned in the clue and I have to follow it. As soon as I tapped her shoulder, she smiled and gave me the next clue. I knew that she was a partner in crime. The ninth clue under the sofa cushion and the tenth clue was under my wife’s pillow. She was asleep. I took the clue carefully without waking her up. The final clue says “Bedroom Attics are not only for Ghosts. Trick or Treat?”

500th Day All Tips

You know what?. I did not know the meaning of the word “Attic”. I did not know what to do. I didn’t think about googling. I woke up Sruthi again and asked her. She explained and went back to bed. I saw a beautifully wrapped gift box with a couple of envelopes in the bedroom attic. Yeahhhh… The hunt is over! I was about to tear off the gift wrapping and I realized that I do not know the reason still. One of the envelopes had another piece of paper which said “Happy 500th Day of Wedding - I Love You”. I was smiling, blushing & loving her more than ever. The memories of our dating period flashed in my mind. I love you forever, Pondatti.

The first envelope had the below caption. Only Me & Sangavi know the story behind it. Funny… he hehe… Inside was a lovely greeting card.

500th Day Manga Mandaiyan Guy
500th Day Greeting Card Full

The other envelope has a couple of other cards with few colored pieces of something. Each piece had a letter painted on it. On closer inspection, I found they were pista shells. I remember last night, Sruthi eating a lot of pista and offering me as well. But painting each of the shells would have taken a lot of time. Sruthi must have helped Sangavi. Thank you Sruthi. :) Hmm… Now I have a tough decision to make. To open the gift or to solve the puzzle. Paused for a while and went on to solve the puzzle first.

500th Day All Puzzle Clues

Each shell is coated with Red, Silver or Bronze color with an English alphabet on it. Both the sides of the shell were painted with different color and different alphabet. One clue says Concave and the other says Convex. I tried to recollect the physics formula for the focal length that I learned in school and later found myself that it denotes the shape of the pista shell. This one must be from Sruthi. I know my wife’s interest in physics :). Almost after 30 minutes, I solved both the puzzles.

500th Day Puzzle

Puzzle 1: Your Heart is My Safe Heaven
Puzzle 2: 500 Happy Days of Prem & Sang

Now to the most awaited gift section. It was exactly what I was planning to get myself sometime in the future. It was a smartphone from Micromax, Canvas HD and a Samsung Bluetooth headset. I saw this phone being used by Sounder & Karthiga and they gave me a positive review of this phone. Now, I can take up Udemy classes on the phone anytime, anywhere. Thank you Pondatti for a lovely gift :)

500th Day Gifts

More than the gift, its the love and the efforts you put in to make this occasion special that I am eternally grateful for.

You make me live when I can’t.
You make me give when I don’t.
You knock me down when I am mean.
You cuddle me up when I am high.

Love you Pondatti… Be with me forever !!!

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