Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - You Don't Get Life a Second Time

15 Mar 2015

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I urge everyone to watch this movie, irrespective of your Hindi knowledge. The only sentence that I can speak with confidence in Hindi is, “Mera naam Prem. Aapka naam kya hai?”. Seriously, that’s all I know. The language doesn’t matter. Watch it with the subtitles, like I did.

I am not here to review the movie or rate it. This movie triggered a lot of emotions in me. We are all running behind something, running for more money, running for promotions, running for a big house, running to have a peaceful retirement, running to die rich - while forgetting the whole reason behind it - Life.

Why most of us spend their youthful days of their life in corporate cubicles and hoping to have a peaceful life after they retire?.

Why do we content ourselves with three weeks of vacation per year and get into the rat race for the rest of the year?.

Why do we spend so much money in big houses, keeping ourselves locked to the mortgage?.

Why do we get into bad relationships to keep others happy, knowing deep inside that we don’t want this relationship?.

Why don’t we take the road less traveled?.

Why can’t we simply live for ourselves?.

Why can’t we simply live?.

I am not asking everyone to stop everything and backpack to Europe or Australia. I just wish if everyone could do only the things that make them happy from inside. (at least most of the time).

What inspired me the most from this movie?

I liked the entire movie, but one question struck me hard… really hard that I paused and sunk into deep thoughts.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Do you write anything to feed your own soul?

I always thought myself as a writer. A fearless writer. But, when I confronted this explicit question - I couldn’t say YES with my whole heart.

What does this mean?

I am going to make this blog as a creative outlet for my thirst to write. It’s going to record every aspect of me and my thoughts. It could be trash most of the time. I don’t care. The trash is not for you. There could be golden nuggets here and there. If that interests you, read it, enjoy it. Else, just ignore this blog and do something worthy.

Many beautiful realizations happen at the most unexpected moments in our life.

Thanks to the movie makers.

home > categories > self-improvement

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