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11 Mar 2014

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You love cooking?. Great. Go on. Read.

You don’t like cooking?. Wait. Still, read this. You may change your mind.

Steps in Cooking

  1. Choose the recipe.
  2. List down the ingredients.
  3. Calculate the ingredients for the number of people who are going to eat.
  4. Go to the market and buy (you need to make sure the produce is fresh)
  5. Clean, cut, chop etc. (most time-consuming process of cooking, esp. non-veg)
  6. Cook. (make an art!)

If you look at it, the majority of your time is spent in preparation, rather than the actual process of cooking. I remember, my wife spending close to 2 hrs in preparation to cook “Malai Koftha”. She was damn tired and very happy at the same time. I loved it but never asked her to prepare “Malai Koftha” again. I don’t want her to strain so much for a dish. If you ever stepped into the kitchen, you know it already. The steps 2-5 are what keeps most of us away from the kitchen. At least me and all the guys that I know.

What if there is a service, which takes care of every aspect of preparation and allows you to enjoy cooking, just cooking?.

What if that service, makes you cook gourmet food in your own kitchen?

It would be amazing. Isn’t it?.

Yeah. The time has come. The place is none other than our own Bangalore.

Go to this website. Choose the recipe. Choose the no.of people. Order. You are done.

Next day, you will receive a parcel with fresh cut/sliced/chopped vegetables, sliced/cut/minced meat in a clean packaging. The pack all the ingredients in that recipe, right from few spoons of cooking oil to few coriander leaves to sprinkle at the end. Along with that package would be a printed recipe (step by step instruction to cook your food). You just have to simply cook & enjoy it.

My wife ordered “Mudaliar Pepper Mutton Fry” on Friday night 1 AM. She got a call in the morning 8.30 AM to confirm. They need one-day advance order to buy and prepare for us. They do not use frozen meat/vegetables. All are prepared fresh. She was busy with Saturday orders, and still agreed to take our order and deliver it by 1’O Clock. Everyone in the family was very interested to see what’s in the package. Never seen such a crowd in the kitchen :)

Mudaliar Pepper Mutton Fry

My wife is extra cautious while cooking meat. She makes sure that the meat is cleaned properly (I do that actually). No need to worry about that anymore. The meat was as clean as I could clean. She just followed the recipe. Cooking was very easy & enjoyable. Since this is a mutton fry, we let it SIM for 45 minutes. End of it, we had a home cooked gourmet recipe, without the usual hassles of cooking.

Trust me, the taste was amazing. Not sure, if that’s because of my wife’s touch or because of their service. I would vote for my wife though :P

What made my wife happy was the follow-up call from to check if the recipe had come out well. I am surprised too !. We are planning to order regularly.

Who is running the show?

This service is started by two Software Engineers Suyesh & Hashi who are very passionate about cooking. Here is what they say about the experience.

The idea has been brewing in my head for a quite a few years now and being a typical Sunday Cook and me like to experiment with cooking different kinds of dishes. The constant pain was getting the right ingredients and an overflowing kitchen cabinet with all sorts of sauces, spices and other things which were used only once or twice and just waiting for the expiry date to get over.

After I quit my job as a marketing professional at Dell India, I decided to pursue this dream and turn it into reality. I started talking to people and Hashi was one of them. Hashi who is a very good cook and a friend decided to team up with me and start We floated a company built the website added the recipes and opened up for business.

Initially we talked about it to our family and friends, get them to order and give feedback. The feedback and response were encouraging. We learned a lot in the initial phase and then we slowly expanded. With about 4 months into the process, we are now ready to go to the market with all burners burning. - Suyesh & Hashi

More than the food, taste & convenience of cooking, it’s your service and follow-up calls, which made me write this post. I am sure you guys are going to be a big hit. Please make sure that you continue to provide the same level of service to all the customers.

Thank you.

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