What's Wrong With My Phone?

21 Apr 2015

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I have a strange habit. I always keep the mobile phone away from my body as much as I could. While in office, I generally keep my mobile phone on the desk. In recent years, this simple act brings a lot of attention from my colleagues. Not for the act, but for the phone.

Nokia 1280

Yes. This is my phone. The amazing Nokia 1280. My elder brother was using this phone from 2010. He gave it to me while going to the US. I have been using this phone for more than two years now. I don’t really care about the broken screen anyway.

I use the mobile phone for calling. Calling Only. Text messages are very rare.

I get that strange look everytime I use my mobile phone. Invariably everyone has asked me that question, “Why are you not using a smartphone?

My only response all the time was, “Why should I?

I get different answers every time. Majority of the answers are related to the instant connectivity with the loved ones and the unlimited stream of interesting (mostly useless) information. Of course, there are some apps which help to boost your productivity and apps/games to kill your boredom, waiting time etc.

Let me make myself clear.

  1. When I feel like connecting with the loved ones - I call them, talk to them or visit them.
  2. I don’t need unlimited streams of information. I get only the important information via Feedly on my desktop computer.
  3. I learned to make peace with boredom. I read a book, go for a run, talk to someone, spend time on self-reflection or simply watch the people with smartphones (recent addition:)

So, I don’t need a smartphone. But, no one understands me. My cousin says, “Hey, that’s not a phone. That’s just a keypad with calling facility. Get a real phone man !!!

Hmmm… that’s an interesting description of my phone.

Have I ever used a smartphone?

Yeah. I did use Blackberry and Android phones for few years. It was too much of a distraction for me. I kept checking the phone even when there is nothing new. Instant messaging, instant emails, instant social media push notifications, location-based services, concierge services, instant answers to any question - I had too much of power at my disposal. However, I didn’t become smart. The phone was becoming smart. I simply developed a strong dependency with the smartphones. The moment my phone is out of charge, all the perceived power of information was gone. I have no clue on what to do next. I was back to the original dumbness I was born with.

I realized that I have a dumb brain and a smartphone !!!

Thanks to that realization. I switched back to my current phone Nokia 1280 and never looked back.

Now the phone is dumb. Did I become smart?. That’s too dumb a question to ask. I am simply learning & growing every day without depending too much on external gadgets. When I forget my mobile phone at home, I don’t miss it at the office. It’s just a gadget to me, as it is supposed to be.

What a relief man!!!. At least, I know for sure that I will never have Smartphone Separation Anxiety. Too bad that the scientists have coined a new word for this madness. This is real. Check the references section below for the link to the actual research article.


There is a minuscule population of smart users who actually use smartphones for better productivity. Let them go on. For the rest of us, we could try making our phone distraction-free for few days and see if that helps.

Better, if we could use a basic model phone.

Much better, if we could be phone-free.

home > categories > self-improvement

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