What is love?

01 Feb 2010

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Science says, love is a side effect of chemicals like oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine, serotonin etc. If scientists could block these hormones, our LOVE fades away. Oops!!!. Can scientists make two people fall in love with an injection? (Cupid will become jobless). They can find the exact genes responsible for love. Produce specific chemicals targeted to attract the specific person. Who knows?. It could become the fastest, easiest and safest way to fall in love. Scary and sounds more like a next century sci-fiction movie.


Is that all?.

Is that all of this wonderful feeling called love?.

Can anyone explain why do we fall in love with someone, rather than others?.

Which is that moment, that changes your perception of her from a normal girl to an angel from heaven?.

A flash of a smile, a minute spent together or a comment from a cab driver?. What triggers that emotion within you?.

What makes this person so different and attractive from the others?.

Why is that her simple presence makes you feel excited and happy?.

You feel great for being short because she is short? (funny for most, but true to some)

Even, just a thought about her pushes you to cloud nine.

Even when she rejects you, you think about her all the time.

Even when she doesn’t want to see you around, you want her to be happy always and see her from a distance.

When there are millions of other potential girls around, you wait restlessly for a single chance to prove your love?

Day in, day out, your love deepens into your heart by leaps and bounds.

What makes these guys move mountains for the one they love?

I am searching an answer to this question.

I am searching, with an intention from my heart NOT to find the answer. Strange! Isn’t it?.

What happened to me?.

Love can only be experienced, and can never be written. Attempting to write results in a scribble, like this!.

Love is a great feeling, with no past and future. It’s always present in us. Once you experience love, you will continue to radiate love to all.

When you are in love, don’t wait for the right moment.

NOW is the right time, HERE is the right place, SHE is the right person. Go, tell her. Period.

PS: I wanted to pen down my perception of love but ended up having more questions, with no answers. It feels great though!.

home > categories > personal

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