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15 Jan 2014

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A few moments back, I was reading Rhonda Byrne’s latest book The Hero. Though it was a different flavor of the famous “Law of Attraction” with Gratitude and Visualization, it was interesting to me. While going through the book, the below quote from Mastin Kipp (Page 77) struck me really hard.

Make a list of people who inspire you and then write what about that person inspires you. Is it their tenacity? Is it how much they give? Is it their bank account? Is it their brand? Is it what they have done to the world? Then recognize that the thing that inspires you about that person is actually a part of yourself. – Mastin Kipp

What a profound thought? Isn’t it true, that we get inspired by watching someone do something great, which we wish we could have done it?. Yes. It is. Whenever I see an inspirational video or read an inspirational post, I wish I was there too. I set out to find who and what inspires me. Trust me, the result revealed so much about what I wanted to do.

The list of people who inspired me is huge, really huge. I get inspired by people doing small things as well as the greatest feats on the world. Just the impact it has on the world matters to me. For this exercise, I thought I would list them all and pick the top 10 personalities that inspired me. When you get inspired by a wide variety of people it is tough to choose. I leave it to your instinct to choose your top 10. The list should be pretty much on top of your mind. You don’t have to force yourself to think, who inspired you. If they are not in your mind. Leave it. It does not matter. Here are my top 10 sources of inspiration.

  1. Che Guevara - A Complete Human Being, fearless, fought for equality, driven by ideology.
  2. Adolf Hitler - fearless, powerful, driven by ideology, ability to control millions of minds.
  3. Leonidas - fearless, fought for the nation, leader.
  4. Jesus Christ - love and compassion for others, extra-ordinary teachings, ability to make millions of people to follow him.
  5. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi - non-violence, speaking truth, down to earth lifestyle, ability to make millions of people to participate in Indian Freedom Struggle.
  6. Surya - Bodybuilder. I started workouts after watching him in the movie Kakkha Kakkha.
  7. Albert Einstein - Revolutionized Science. School dropout to Scientist.
  8. Robin Sharma - I still go to him for inspiration and advice. So do the millions of other people.
  9. Rhonda Byrne - like a phoenix story. broke, found the secret, make it big, teach others to do so.
  10. Scott Dinsmore - My current inspiration who helps people to do the work they love to do. I joined Live Your Legends Local group to keep me accountable and move towards my dream lifestyle.

I chose only the best from my never-ending list of inspiration, just to give you an example of how to do this exercise. None of these guys are ordinary and none of their achievements are simple. Aren’t you surprised to see Jesus Christ on an atheist’s list of inspirations? I am not. The more I read and the more I grow, I find his teachings to be very very good for the whole of humanity. Just that, I hate the nasty religion that was built around him.

Why do I like Adolf Hitler?. I liked him always. I like Saddam Hussain. I like Veerappan. I like Prabhakaran. Those self-made heroes, who brought a big empire under their control, out of nothing. This does not mean that I support them blindly. Just that I like this “creating power” aspect of their lives.

When you sit down and think about each of the aspects of your favorite heroes, you get to know a lot about yourselves. You may be able to link your inspiration to your current life and make decisions based on it. Sometimes, it will reveal an aspect of yourself which you did not realize that you had. Nevertheless, it was a good exercise to recap my favorite heroes.

Do you know who and what inspires you?

home > categories > self-improvement

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