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29 Jun 2014

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Saturday evening, the Soccer game is yet to start and unfortunately, there are no beers in the fridge. Shame on me. Sorry. What to do then?. Let’s talk. Me, Anbu and Sangavi were talking about many things which eventually led us to a discussion about religions. Though I am an atheist, I assumed the side of theist for the sake of discussion and started with the big assumption below. We ended up creating a brand new story which merges Science & Creationism.

Assumption: God exists. He creates, manages and destroys everything that we know. (Definitely not in a way that any religion preaches)

Explanation: This is an “abductive argument” which tries to infer a reason for a present phenomenon. I just explain one of the million other possibilities. The “Logical Positivists” will discard this argument immediately. However, going by “the theory of falsification” we should not discard a theory just because there is a sound evidence against your theory. It simply means that there is something out there, which the theory cannot account for. (To know more about science, please read Understand Philosophy of Science by Mel Thompson)

The theory of the god or the origin of everything is not completely known. It’s an abstract concept at this moment. It is impossible to explain an abstract concept to another person without using an analogy. So, I picked up an analogy. - The Video Games and Artificial Intelligence. Please relate the analogy with the world that we live in.

God is a video games developer, AI scientist and specialized in robotics. He creates a video game called “Life”. He sets up voice commands to control the state of the game (creation, alteration, destruction etc). He also sets up multiple channels like intuition, signs, dreams, ESP etc through which he can interact with the characters in the game. Now, he has to create an environment for the characters to interact. He needs to design all the galaxies, stars, planets and everything that we see now. It’s a tough task. It would be time-consuming and tiring. So, he comes up with a brilliant idea - Randomness.

Yes. Instead of creating everything, he creates the “God Particle” and sets multiple characteristics for it. This is smallest, indivisible unit of energy. He created a lot of them and sets up “The Bing Bang”. He defines clearly the degree and the boundary of randomness that these god particles can take. The god particles randomly react, fuse with each other to create an astonishingly beautiful collection of atoms, molecules, gas, dust, galaxies, stars, planets etc. They continue to react even now, which creates a life-cycle even for the universe.

Brilliant. Isn’t it?.

God wants to check if the gaming environment is good. He starts the game and says

“Let there be Light”

Viola - there was light. Remember he was the one who set up the voice commands?

He chose a beautiful, cool, blue planet - The Earth, for his game. He has to create the characters in his game. He already has a working model of randomness in creating the environment. He wants to apply the same concept to create living beings. He created the smallest form of living being in large numbers, the ancestors to cyanobacteria and let it spread across every possible place on earth. That organism is able to survive with the energy from the environment and sunlight.

He allowed mutation to happen in the lowest degree over a long period - to test their survival abilities. He cannot wait around for the characters in the game to develop and mature right?. So, he speeds up the time in the universe. Something like, one century in the world is equal to one second in God’s world. Soon enough, the world was filled with so much of diverse living beings, the perfect eco-system, the proper recycling of energy and sustained balance in life.

Next, he wanted to create a life-form in his image but does not want to disrupt the existing mutation process. So, he picked up a species and carefully allowed ONLY the mutations which will make that species to evolve into his form. He gave them the ability to think and a free will decide their own life(Artificial Intelligence). God became curious to see - what will the humans do with their extraordinary ability to think.

One unanswered question to the theory of evolution.

When every other species evolved to a stronger (or fitter) form of themselves, why only one branch of species from the apes family evolved to its weaker form, started walking in two legs which made them slower, left the safe trees to the dangerous open grounds, becoming the easiest prey to any predator of that time, losing the hair in their body which protected them from cold and yet survived long enough to dominate every other species in this world?.

That too, at a speed which has not happened in billions of years?

How did that happen?.

OK. Let’s come back to the game.

He sets the game in automatic mode. He sets up listeners which will intimate him on specific events in the game. He sets up game-cheats, which will allow the humans to communicate to god. That information is available to all, but not open to all. The humans have to go to specific training, sacrifices, prayers etc to get the ability to communicate to god. He sets up multiple levels in the game. When the humans in the game gain enough knowledge and experience, he promotes them to the next level in the game - which is completely in a different plane. There is no earth, there is no birth, there is no death, you exist in the form of energy as with everything else - still you play the game.

When the learning of any human in the game of life is not complete, but his/her lifetime ends - god puts them back into the game. The knowledge acquired by every human being will not be the same. God defines the exit criteria/rules to check if the human’s learning is complete or not. He does not manually pick every dead human and assign him another life on earth. He sets certain rules and automates the process of re-birth. The process of getting out and coming back to the game of life is the same for everyone. Check the uniformity of the near-death experiences (NDE), past life regressions, astral projection experiences etc. Everyone reports the similar feeling of leaving their body, floating towards a bright light etc. Can you relate?

Every single experience of every single human being is recorded in a medium called “Collective Consciousness”. With specific training, some humans can tap into the collective consciousness and tell exactly what happened in the past. I personally witnessed such an event in my life. I have no doubts about the ability of humans to tap into the past. About the future?. It did not happen yet.

Along with the life on earth, God created multiple games in different planes. These games will be running simultaneously. Though there are defined boundaries for the game, it is always possible for the objects from one game to communicate with objects from another game. After all, everything is connected. Isn’t it?. Can you relate to the parallel universe or multiverse concept?.

What is the purpose of the Game of Life?.

Learning. You are put into the game to learn, experience and acquire as much knowledge as possible. You can choose not to. You have free will. But, you will be put back into the game as long as your learning is not complete. Every human being will go to the same place at the end, though not at the same pace.

Why should I learn?

That’s what your creator wants you to do. You still have the choice to not to learn. But, you do not have the choice of birth, death, and rebirth. If you wish to escape, you must learn.

What is the need for Collective Consciousness?

Who develops an Artificial Intelligence game without capturing the experiences acquired through the game?. Right?. But, what is God going to do with it?. I do not (possibly may not) know the need of collective consciousness while I am on Earth, in the game of life. When I transcend to the next plane after completing my learning, possibly more will be revealed to me.

Why can’t I feel God?

By design, you cannot. If you go through the specific process defined by God, you can feel and communicate with him. To accept that such a process exists, you need multiple lifetimes of experiences.

What is the process to communicate to god?

There are millions of ways to communicate to god. I don’t have the knowledge of all of them. You can start with a prayer if you believe in God or Meditation if you don’t believe in God at the moment. The next steps will be revealed to you. Most probably the process and the experience with god will be different for everyone.

What happens when I deny god?

Nothing. You live and you die. You are born again. The cycle continues.

Why should I believe in rebirth?.

Birth, Death & Rebirth is a personal experience. You cannot communicate with a person, while he is going through these process. You can, of-course die to experience death and rebirth. But, you will not remember anything when you are born again. There is absolutely no need for you to believe. If you believe this, you will accelerate your learning.

If God exists, Why are there wars & famine?

That was not God’s intention. That’s something that we, humans manifested with the powers given to us. Do you really think, that humans cannot stop these by any means?.

I understand, Why can’t God help us a little?

Why should God help us?. We have all the means to change every little inconvenience that we do not like. Are we saying that we are the most powerful and dominant species in this world and yet cluelessly powerless to live in peace and harmony?. If that is the case, according to the evolution theory, we will soon perish and a more conscious, powerful and loving species will evolve from us.

Tell me one good reason that only humans should dominate, but not the other species?.

Because God loves us right?

Again, Why?. In God’s world, there is no love, no hate, no good and no bad. We, humans, manifested these emotions. We intuitively know the best version of ourselves. Loving & helping each other, not disturbing the eco-systems, living a balanced life in nature. We attribute all the human qualities to an entity called “God” and expect God to behave in a way which we are supposed to live. How weird?

So, we are on our own?

Yes. Pretty much. If you need help from God, you can get it. But, it takes time and effort.

Who is Satan?

Our imagination. We need a reason for deviating from a loving, caring life. Satan is the reason that we invented to support our current lifestyle.

What is hell?

Who said anything about hell?. God did not create hell in his game. We created miniature hells in our world.

If there is no hell, I can do anything that I want?

Technically, you can. However, the quality of your next birth will depend on the quality of your current life. Hindus call this “Karma”.

When will the game end?

When God thinks about it.

Conclusion: We know nothing, we conclude nothing. This discussion was based on an initial assumption that God exists and further assumptions of how he might have created everything. These assumptions borrow heavily the facts and open mysteries of science, evolution etc. I compiled only a portion of our discussion which I remember. Brazil vs Chile Soccer game abruptly stopped our discussion.

PS: I am still an atheist. This article is to help theists with one more story of God & Creation, so that I can have a thought-provoking debate with them the next time, instead of the voodoo stories in the religious texts.

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