Trump - The Way To The Top - The Best Business Advice I Ever Received

28 Oct 2011

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Book: Trump - The Way To The Top - The Best Business Advice I Ever Received
Author: Donald J. Trump
ISBN-13: 978-1400050161

Donald J.Trump. Who doesn’t know him in the business circle? He is an excellent example of American business success story, who had his hands on real estate, gaming, sports, and Entertainment. He is one of the New York Times bestselling author as well. What if Donald Trump goes to the best & brightest business men and women, who run companies ranging from Fortune 500 Corporations to the family-run local businesses and ask them ONLY ONE question.

“What is the best business advice you ever received?”

And compiled them into one book? Wouldn’t that be a Wikipedia of most common of the problems, solutions, strategies, ethics, work culture, leadership, people management etc in business?. Exactly. And, this book has the collective wisdom gained by those who are already in the top. This book will definitely help you NOT to make the same mistakes made by those who traveled ahead of you. If you are an entrepreneur seriously interested to find your way to the top, this book should be in your book-shelf.

After reading the answers from Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, MDs, I could sense that their best advice comes from various sources. The majority are from their seniors (in major corporations), from their fathers (in family-run businesses), from their juniors, from their mom in their childhood, from an occasional talk in a party etc. It comes from people from all walks of life. Many leaders hold on to these advises which brought them success. So, along with reading this book, you should listen to people and watch for any lessons that you may get.

Some of the leaders answered in one sentence, some in a paragraph, some listed the advises that guides them and some explain the actual experience from their business life where& how the advice actually helped them. Some of my favorites are here.

“Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Sell the medicine as if they would be used by my family, my friends or myself” - George Abercrombie, President, and CEO of Roche North American Pharmaceuticals Operations

“Trust, but verify” – Napoleon Barragan, Chairman, and CEO of 1-800-MATTRESS

“The sun doesn’t shine forever. During an upturn, prepare for the downturn” – Barbara G.Berger, President of Food City markets, Inc.

“What would be the best thing that could happen from this decision and what would be the worst thing that could happen?. Put your decisions to rigorous analysis” – William C.Byham, Chairman& CEO of Development Dimensions International, Inc.

“Strive to satisfy the customer. The bottom line will always follow” – Jim Cantalupo, Chairman& CEO of McDonald’s corporation.

“Five Ps: Prior planning prevents poor performance” – Archie W.Dunham, Chairman of ConocoPhillips.

“Show me a person smarter than me, I’ll hire them” – Gerald D.Edwards, President & CEO of Engineered Plastic Products, Inc.

“If you can’t write your strategy or idea on the back of your business card, it’s too complex to execute. Keep it simple” – Dawn Hudson, North America President of Pepsi-Cola, Inc.

“When you must make a difficult decision, you are not going to be liked or approved of by everyone” – Timothy H.Ling, President& COO of Union Oil of California.

“The purpose of business is to create value year after year, forever” – Alan Mulally, President& CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group.

“In any given situation, don’t rely on a single solution. Develop a parallel path that could be used in the event that the original solution does not come to bear” – Don Nigbor, Chairman& CEO of Benchmark Electronics, Inc.

“If they don’t have the authority to say yes, then they don’t have the authority to say no. Deal directly with the decision makers” – Roxanne Quimby, President of Burt’s Bees.

Happy reading !!!

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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