The Story - The 30 Year Old Ninja

28 Jul 2014

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Name: Ismael Arkin (aka Izzy)
Time: October 2009
Job: Middle School Science Teacher
Experience: 4th Year in Teaching
Studying: Masters in Education
Initial Plan: To run his own school & change the education system
Financial Status: Secured, well-paying job
Lives in: Los Angeles, California
Life (Outside World): Wonderful
Life (Inside): Dying
Feeling: Depressed, stressed and overwhelmed

How many of you have been in that situation?. After spending many years in a profession, only to discover that you do not like what you were doing, but having a well-paying job and a secured future. The comfort and security of the current job and the financial commitments of your current lifestyle, hold you back from changing?. Makes you think that you can hang around for a while, till you figure out exactly what you want to do with your life.

Trust me, I was there. Izzy was there. Not knowing what to do next, but definitely knowing what NOT to do.

He started reading a lot of books, tried new hobbies, volunteered for different causes, interviewed people he admires, spent many months trying to discover his passion and ended up with the crazy idea to execute his childhood dream.

To become a Ninja

I am serious. A school teacher in Los Angeles wants to move to Japan to become a Ninja.

How absurd?. Seriously?. He is joking right?.

4 years later …

He lives in the historical capital of Japan, Kyoto. He trains in Aikido, 5 hours a day, 25 hours a week. Aikido is a martial art that uses the momentum of the attacker to neutralize the situation. Apart from the training to become a Ninja, Izzy teaches English, blogs regularly, conduct courses to help people pursuing their own dreams.

Izzy’s life is a strong evidence of one thing. Dreams are possible. Which means your dream - no matter how absurd - is possible.

“The Story” is an audiobook, recorded by Izzy in his own voice, narrating his own story. Right from the beginning of his career, about the plans to change the education system in America, studying for the masters, quitting his job, living with his parents again, soul searching for his passion, taking a trip to Japan, getting a temporary job to save money for Japan, actually moving to Japan but ended up in a remote village and finally getting to Kyoto to train in Aikido - he explained every little detail. He explained the emotions & crushing thoughts that he went through. He even explains about thinking to get back to America, while stuck up in the remote village in Japan. Most of the inspiring stories that I read talks about the heroic activities and the inspiring actions only. But, he talks about everything.

Thanks Izzy for a wonderful narration of your life, so far. I am inspired!.

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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