The Golden Motorcycle Gang

18 Mar 2012

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Book: The Golden Motorcycle Gang: A Story Of Transformation
Author: Jack Canfield, William Gladstone
ISBN-13: 978-9381431146

My friend read this book and said, It’s a boring story. I didn’t even complete the book. But, one of my favorite author Neale Donald Walsch said, Wonderfully entertaining, emotionally uplifting and spiritually enlightening story. Conflicting reviews. Yet, I decided to read the book anyway.

This is the autobiography of the author Jack Canfield who frequently gets a strange dream or a vision.

Jack and his friends are a group of eternal beings traveling through the universe in Golden Motorcycles at the speed of light. They are a few thousand years old and considered adolescent in their species. They are enjoying their annual solstice break from the Academy of Enlightenment. They happen to see a small blue planet (Earth), full of negative energy and in turmoil. That was the time of World War on earth and almost every nation was involved in the war. Jack decides to help the planet and thought that would bring him a good grade in the Academy. Jack’s friends are not keen on going to planet Earth. However, Jack is determined to go. So, everyone followed Jack to help the small blue planet. The only thing, they did not know is that, when they are born as a human being on Earth, they will forget who they truly are!. And, here is our hero, born in Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America and the story begins !…

Jack’s early childhood days with his military father was very strict and would often result in spankings. When Jack was six, his mom divorced his father, remarried and moved to live with her grandmother. That’s when Jack begins to live life. He is a very meritorious student and very good at sports as well. He became a teacher and helped to improve the education system in the USA. The story details all the little and big things Jack did in his life. From his decision to become a teacher, until he becomes the author of the very famous book series “Chicken Soup of the Soul”, he narrates his story well. The transformation of his life and the subsequent realization of who he was, is very interesting. The association that he gets after realization and the good deeds that he does to the society is just like what Rhonda Byrne has described in her book, The Secret. Jack lived a great fulfilled life.

Along with Barbara Marx, the group of Enlightened Souls is planning to take the entire humanity’s awareness to the next level. They are planning for a birthday party for Humanity on December 22, 2012. I am a little excited about the event and little skeptic as well.

A good story and a good goal for the entire humanity. But, what do all these mean to me?. What am I supposed to do after reading this book?. Why did I read this book in the first place?. To be true, I am not moved by the life story of Jack Canfield, but by the concept of eternal beings born in the world, without the knowledge of who they are. I always have this idea, that I am a supernatural power living in a human body. It may sound superstitious since I neither believe in God nor follow any religion. The movies The Matrix and Avatar had a huge impact in the way, that I think about myself. This book is third on that list. What if, I am part of the Golden Motorcycle Gang, who is yet to realize my true nature?. The immediate voice in my mind says, “You are not part of any gang. You would rather be a lonely rider”. This could be my superego, which always tells me to be a leader, not a follower. Never mind.

I love to help people to come out of their fears and achieve their life goals. Why not do that on a big scale?. Help more people to live their lives in a way that they wanted to live. After reading this book, I decided to pursue a career in Life Coaching. More to be done. More lives to uplift. Let’s see, what I am up to!

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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