The 4-Hour Work Week

03 Jul 2010

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Book: The 4-Hour Workweek
Author: Timothy Ferriss
ISBN-13: 978-0307465351

“The 4-hour work week - Escape the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich.” The book, which transformed few of my beliefs, addressed the fears that I had in me, without me knowing that. Tim painted new colors in my dream picture, with his own and I love it.

This book is constructed of 4 major groups - DEAL - (Definition, Elimination, Automation & Liberation) with multiple chapters. Many chapters end with Q&A. I would suggest you take time to answer those questions. If you just flip through the pages, without associating your own life, I doubt this book will make any difference, other than leaving you in surprise. The book begins with the definition of the “New Rich” and Tim’s real-life story.

In the first group D - Definition, the author discusses the differences between the NR and others, identifying the goals and introduces Dreamline and TMI. “The fat man in the red BMW convertible” - this metaphor made me think a lot. That’s what most of the ultra-successful millionaires look like. I do not have the slightest interest to become one of them. The comfort challenges like eye gazing, proposing, getting phone numbers etc are really good. I even suggested them to my friend and he is happy. (I do that already, so did need it)

The second group E - Elimination is what I would suggest everyone read. Even if you love to work more than 8 hrs a day, these simple tips and techniques will help you to perform better. The 80/20 principle and the Parkinson’s law are explained with live examples. Tips on selective ignorance and time management are excellent. For example, The number of times, you check emails on a busy day and the time you lose with interruption those emails brings is directly proportional. I started checking emails only a few times in a day and close “Lotus Notes” (Email client) as soon as I am done with reading emails. You won’t believe, it looks very simple but very productive. The emails which I use to respond immediately were not that urgent than the things that I was doing.

The third group A - Automation. Introduced a lot of new things. Outsourcing your day to day mundane activities to a virtual assistant is completely new to me and I am gonna hire a VA for me :) The idea of separating income from your time spent is really required for having a mobile lifestyle. Since the author followed the path of the entrepreneur, he discloses all the tips and tricks of marketing, products, affiliations, royalty, licensing etc. But mine is a different ball game related to creativity, so these chapters took a little more time to complete.

The last group L - Liberation. Starts with the tips on how to escape from the office. ha ha ha ah.. no.. not in the way you think. Instead of working for 30 - 45 years and planning for a retirement, the author suggests mini-retirements of three to six months, which is completely practical and will give you a glimpse of how your retirement will feel like. After one mini-retirement, your perception about retirements will definitely change and you are still young to change the decisions ;). He provides the practical tips and step by step instructions for your mini-retirements and a tour around the world.

The in last few “Restricted Reading” chapters, the author lists the books, resources that you will need for a vagabonding life. This book packed more information that It could possibly include. It was a very pleasant experience reading a book like this. Try it :)

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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