The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself

21 Jul 2013

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I used to watch a lot of videos, audios related to personal development/self-help genre. I used to be passive so far. (i.e) simply watching or listening. In recent times, I decided to follow along and act upon the concepts discussed by those personal development gurus. I begin to explore so much of myself and decided to blog about it. I am not going to blog about every little video/audio. I will post only about the stuff which inspires me. So, if anyone of these blog posts helps at least one of you, the purpose of this blog is fulfilled.:)

Here is what I wrote in my journal, after completing the exercises mentioned in this video.

Experiences Growth Contribution
Love Read more and more Social Activist
Travel Learn Martial Arts End Poverty in the world
Write Self Development Books Become a Speaker Unite all the nations
Six Pack Body Become a Teacher Eliminate spending on Military
Bring up kids with rational thoughts Grow in Meditation Teach Kids in poor countries
Long lasting friendship Extra-ordinary physical feats Teach the world about the right food

Experience, Growth & Contribution - I never thought or planned my life in these terms. This seems to be a different and interesting way to look at my life goals. Even though I had only 90 seconds to think about each category, the output is surprising. Some of the items like Learning Martial Arts in Growth category were forgotten long ago in my life. I am surprised to see that this is the second item where I want to grow. I can correlate the emotional burst I have, every time I watch an action movie and my irrational imagination of me being Achilles (from the movie Troy - I watched that movie so many times). This one trait (imagining myself as the warrior) has never changed from my childhood. I think, its time that I feed the wild side of myself.

I could see that “Teaching” is the most repeated word in all of the categories. This is something that I love to do in my work. I teach the freshers & experienced professionals in my team on anything that I know or learned new. I am proud to be able to convey the message to anyone in a clear & concise manner. However, I get very little chance to do so, when I am in the “Delivery (analyze, design, code, test & support) of projects. Once the current project is over, I would like to take up teaching. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks Vishen for showing me the difference between End Goals and Means Goals. (You will know these if you have watched the above video). I would like to move forward toward the Ends Goals in a more direct manner.

Please find out yours and enjoy in fulfilling them !!!

home > categories > self-improvement

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