Soldier for Women

14 Nov 2013

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By the end of January 2013, Gillette started a campaign “Soldier for Women”. It’s a TV ad where the men & women from different strata of the society come together, with the men standing by the women as “Soldiers” - pledged to support them, protect them & stand by them. This advertisement created a lot of controversies among women activists. Many women felt that this campaign is insulting them. However, this campaign slowly caught up & many celebrities like Mandhira Bedi were taking the pledge and spreading the word.

To support this campaign, blogadda launched a blog contest Soldier for Women, asking the women blogger to blog about the men in their lives who stood up for women in any occasion. One of my friend Sruthi Pandarinathan wrote a blog post about me. Check the blog The Intellectual Soldier. I did not expect that. I was surprised to see that women see me as a Soldier as well (even though I never fought a physical fight :). The surprise quadrupled this weekend when Sruthi gave me this T-Shirt. BlogAdda sent her this T-Shirt for the blog that she wrote.

Soldier for Women

I have nothing more to say other than these words, “I am honored. Thank you!”

Do Women need Soldiers?

“India will attain full freedom on the day when women can walk safely in night” - M.K. Gandhi

I leave the answer to the reader’s perspective.

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