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26 Mar 2010

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“What a beautiful day!..” - A Song from rock band U2 kept playing in my mind when I sit on a comfy sofa and wonder what to do next. This is not new to me, I do this very often. Somehow today, I felt like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away.” Yeah.. really. What do you call a guy who is wearing a week old dirty lungi and a brand new yellow color Reebok T-Shirt supporting “Chennai Super Kings,” has not brushed till 10.30 AM, has no wallet, has no mobile phone, and hungry?. Hmm… that’s me, today March 24, 2010.

Last night I was reading the book “Give to Live,” way past 1 AM and didn’t realize when I slept. A facebook SMS message from Sean Stephenson, switched off my Dream Channel when I was romancing with my angel.

There’s a big difference between “caring about” versus “caring for” someone. One is passive, and one is active.

I didn’t really understand the message. I was in the process of waking up, sometimes that stretches up to 4-5 hrs after sunrise. I enjoy every minute of that process, and they labeled me “lazy.” I don’t understand this… When a Chinese monk told them to drink tea slowly and enjoy the act of drinking, they made a ritual out of it. When I told them to wake up slowly and enjoy the act of waking up, the response is @#$%^*. Crazy world !.

I called up Sofia. My first act on any typical day and she didn’t pick up the phone. Then her better half Haja came online.

“Kavinjare, epdi irukeenga”, said Haja.

“Super, Neenga epdi irukeenga.”

“Nalla iruken. Naanum oru kavithai ezhuthi iruken.. Nila.. Vaanam.. ~!@#$% ^&~. Aana ava kizhichi pottuta”

“He he he… Kavithai - unga unarchigaloda vari vadivam. Force panna varaathu”, I smiled at what I just said.

I put on the T-shirt, took the clothes to be washed and went to Sofia’s home. Whooh… She was too gorgeous in a beautiful green color Churidar and neatly done hair with the same color hair clip. She is becoming more attractive, day by day. I wanted to freeze the moment and be there for-ever. But she had a conference call and left with Haja immediately, without speaking a word. That’s usual. I love her when she talks to me, love her more when she doesn’t.

“OK. Don’t waste time. Wash clothes, check Orkut, meditate, exercise, read a book, listen to music, get ready to the office,…” my mind was planning, like a bullet in motion. “whooh… whooh… hold on. Let’s do, one at a time”, I pressed the brake pedal. I put the clothes in the washing machine and plunged into the internet.

Suddenly I remembered Goundamani & Petromax light and was laughing without reason. Googled it and amazed at the technology behind the lantern, which lit the entire world for close to a century. Posted it on Orkut. Cool. The washing was done, took the clothes and went upstairs.

“What if they left already?”. A question spurred in my mind as I approached the door and ringing the bell confirmed it. Is this called ESP or thin-slicing or snap judgment or fate or time-to-relax?. A side effect of reading completely irrelevant books simultaneously.

I went to the terrace, thinking to climb down to the balcony side, using the pipe and get into the house. The fifth floor and the hot air through my lungi suggested not to do it!… “What?. A macho man backs out? “. I convinced my super-ego that I didn’t do it because there is no rope. How clever. Hmm… I knocked next door and asked the guy if I can use his phone to call my roommates.

“Hmm… I am expecting some important calls… hmm.. actually… I don’t have a phone… My room-mates also left. There is a phone booth on the main road. Why don’t you go there and make a phone call?”, he said.

“I know the phone booth. But I don’t have a wallet with me. Thanks anyway”, I smiled very artificially and left. How much does that cost to make a phone call?.

Sean Stephenson’s facebook message in the morning made sense now. Dude, you are fantastic!

Back in Sofia’s home. Go to the first paragraph!

PS: I wrote this when I was waiting for Arun to come back from office. Just like that.

home > categories > personal

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