Live Broadcast - Sangavi Anandkumar weds Premkumar Masilamani

03 May 2012

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Sangavi and Premkumar Masilamani

This live broadcast is for all our friends, who wanted to be with us in our most precious moment, but could not make it. You are never far from us. You can watch the Wedding and the Reception Live from your living room. Yeah!…

Bless us with your wishes… We are glad to have you around us (virtually)…

Date: 6-May-2012
Marriage: 11.00 AM IST to 11.30 AM IST
Reception: 12.00 PM IST to 3.00 PM IST
Event ID: premsang (case sensitive - all lowercases)
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Update (15-July-2012 20:00 IST): The Live Broadcast is over. Click the below link for archived video.

Prem Sangavi - Wedding Video

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