How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded A Million Dollar Company

08 Aug 2014

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Book: How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded A Million Dollar Company
Author: Varun Agarwal
ISBN-13: 978-8129119797

It’s been a long time that I read a book, cover to cover in one evening. I simply could not put this book aside without completing it. When I was done, I had a big smile on my face and felt happy for what this young man has achieved.

If you are young, living in India, want to become an entrepreneur - you must read this book. No exceptions. Or learn from your own experiences. Entrepreneurship in India has few more hurdles than the developed countries. The biggest hurdle will be from your family and relatives (especially when you are young). We can learn from Varun Agarwal’s experiences and his encounters with Anu Aunty, in his own hilarious words.

He is not a professional writer and his English is not that good. Man, it wouldn’t matter when you start reading this book. It feels as if you are listening to your old friend and his adventure. The local slang, the places in Bangalore, the pubs, the stag experiences, the policeman encounters - if you really lived in Bangalore, you would have experienced all of it. I can correlate to everything that he says in his book except one thing - entrepreneurship (I am still in a job and haven’t figured out what to do next).

He was a very good film-maker, who was forced into engineering (like everyone else in India). Somehow, he managed to become an above average engineer. The only difference between him and the most of the fresh graduates in India is - He was clear on what he doesn’t want. He does not want to go to a job. Working in an MNC as a techie, was the most horror-some nightmare for him. At the same time, he does not know what to do with his life, wasting time on Facebook and sleeping all day long. I think many of us can correlate being in that position right?.

In one party night, when he was drunk, he made a business plan for customized T-Shirts with his friend Mal. They got super-excited about the plan and start working on the business plan. This book is about the next one-year of his life. From the conception of the Idea till making it a successful million dollar business, how he braved Anu Aunty - wow… hilarious. When you read this book, at least one or two characters in your life are going to resemble Anu Aunty.

The best part of the book is Anu Aunty. The very same hurdle that Varun Agarwal has to cross, has become the brand ambassador for his business. Varun is planning on creating merchandise with Anu Aunty character. It’s nothing short of amazing, how you can turn around things in life.

He has become a very good speaker and now tours the world, speaking in the best conferences and top MNCs and guest lectures in major business schools. Remember he is not even 30 yrs old. Enough of reading the review, just go ahead and order the book. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, you are going to love this kid’s story.

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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