Divine Cows

26 Jul 2015

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Divine - of, relating to or characterizing God or a deity.

(In the below discussion, “you” is not you. “You” is a person who owns a dairy farm)

Me: Hey friend. I heard that you are setting up a new business. Congrats. What’s the business?.

You: I will set up a farm. Bring in the cows. Do the Poojas & Get my hands dirty, real quick.

Me: Oh Yeah. I understand. Cows are considered divine in your religion. You love cows. You will feed her, take care of her, let her experience & enjoy life as you do. You will make sure that she is happy until death.

You: Hmm… I have plans for her, for my business actually.

Me: What can you do with an animal which characterizes your god?. You will love her no matter what. You will treat her like a Queen. Right?.

You: Yeah. I do love her…

Me: Then?

You: Hmm… First, I will impregnate her by artificial means. Natural means of impregnating a cow takes time and money and not practical these days.

Me: What?… Why would you do that?.

You: She won’t produce milk without giving birth to a calf.

Me: Oh my holy god. You want her milk. So, you will impregnate her without her will. That does not feel right for an animal which is divine.

You: This is happening all over the world, for many decades.

Me: Oh… So, you will let the calf drink the milk first and take whatever is left out?.

You: Which world are you in?. I will remove the calf from the mother as soon as it was born. I will suck out last the drop of the milk with the sophisticated machines.

Me: Seriously?. She goes through 270 days of pregnancy, followed by the painful birth and does not get time to spend with her newborn. All she can do is - let you suck all her milk. That’s cruel, man.

You: Yeah. It is tough even for us to separate the mother from her newborn. Having a calf around will put a big dent in my profits.

Me: That’s bad. This will be the toughest time for her. I hope time will heal these torturous memories from her.

You: I don’t think so.

Me: Why not?.

You: She will be injected with painful growth hormones frequently so that she will produce more milk and She will be impregnated again.

Me: Again?. Are you mad?. She just gave birth. Why would you do that the second time?.

You: Its not just second time, my friend. She will be pregnant and give birth every year, as long as she can give birth and as long as she can lactate.

Me: That’s the cruelest thing that can happen to any animal. Never mind the divine one.

You: It’s business, my friend. What do you expect me to do with her, without sucking her milk?.

Me: She goes through this torture every day?. Is there a time, a single day in her life - that she is happy?. Out of this misery?.

You: Yes. There is. We decorate cows on festivals like Sankranthi and celebrate them. Feed them good grass & grains.

Me: Oh Good. You don’t milk them on that day, I suppose.

You: No. We do milk them and then celebrate them.

Me: Enough of your celebrations. So, this is a cycle that She has to go through as long as she can lactate milk. What happens to her, when she stops producing milk?

You: We don’t have the facilities to tend to the old or diseased cows. We either give her to Goshalas (Cow Shelters) or let her roam free in the cities or in the wild. I feel very bad that some of the aged cows are sold for slaughtering too.

Me: She is constantly impregnated, separated from the newborn, injected, milked all her life and left on her own when she can’t produce more milk. I think it would be better to kill her, rather than torturing her every day.

You: What the hell are you talking?. Get out from here, you insensitive atheist. Cows are considered as divine animals in Hinduism. We respect, honor and adore the cow. By honoring this gentle animal, who gives more than she takes, we honor all creatures.

Me: ???

Divine Cows - Sounds like an oxymoron.

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