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30 Jul 2010

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Book: Connect The Dots
Author: Rashmi Bansal
ISBN-13: 9788190453028, 978-8190453028

This book is a sequel to “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” from our own local author Rashmi Bansal. The awesome stories of 20 individuals who made it big in the business without an MBA. Each story is so compelling that you cannot put the book down, without completing it. Also, the pace of the book is amazing. You can finish this book faster than you could think of. Rashmi is gifted with such an interesting conversational writing style.

This book is very much needed at this time to inspire and create more entrepreneurs. “If they can do it, why not me?”. That’s the question that comes to your mind after reading each story. The very first story is about Prem Ganapathy, who went to Mumbai without even a rupee but established “Dosa Plaza” - the most popular food chain in Mumbai. This book is not just about IT success stories, it has a wide variety of stories.

There are stories about the guy who invented 100KW inverter, the guy who started VETA to teach English, a housewife who started with facial bleach, went on to create Fem Care Pharma, about LaserSoft, a city boy interested in making Cheese, Chetan who created REVA cars, a lady who creates papers from elephant poo, about a film director Paresh, Krishna Reddy from “Prince Dance Group” and my favorite photographer Kalyan Verma. I would rate this book 100% better than the previous one of this kind. That’s what each author looks for in every book right?.

Rashmi - you succeeded in that.

To tell the truth, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” - her previous book is about 20 individuals with an MBA from IIM-A. Their stories were awesome, but somehow I had a feeling that they have insurance in the form of MBA from IIM-A. Even if they fail, they will get a very comfortable job. But this book is very inspiring. This is just about individuals from every walk of life. Those who had money and those don’t. Those who had formal education and those who never been to school. It represents India in its entirety. Indian entrepreneurs need this exposure very much so that the rest of the world understand that India lives not only on IT and the scraps from services but on every field. This book tells us that we are the pioneers in a lot of less known fields.

I must tell you this. I actually picked up this book, just because it had a story about my favorite photographer Kalyan Verma. There are a couple of stories in this book, which made me cry. The story of a dancer Krishna Reddy - who created the dance group with the daily wage labors and won the prize in “India’s got talent”. Check out his masterpieces on YouTube. Search for “Prince Dance Group”. The second one is about Suresh Kamanth - who created Lasersoft and employed non-engineers, taught them programming and made it big. The very impressive fact is that he employs physically challenged, people. Would you think about working with a colleague who is deaf and dumb?. Would you teach the rest of your employee, the sign-language, so they can interact with them?. Would you proudly tell that you have % of people who are physically challenged in one way or other?. He did it. I am very proud that I am sharing the same time-period with this awesome man.

Rashmi - I have serious feedback for you. Your writing style is awesome. But its a horrible mix of English and Hindi. Very horrible. I have no idea of any word in Hindi. You are a famous writer now and please target your audience now. Those are not just Hindi speaking people. Please get the language straight.

Guys - Its a must read for everyone.

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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