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27 Feb 2012

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Book: Become A Magnet To Money
Author: Bob Proctor, Michele Blood
ISBN-13: 978-8184951721

I knew Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret way back in 2008. I have watched a lot of his videos and interviews on the internet. He has 40+ years of experience in motivating others to reach their goals and accumulate abundant wealth. I happened to see this book in the new bookstore opened next to my office and I grabbed this book as soon as I saw Bob’s name in it. This is the first book from Bob that I read.

This book has two parts. The first part Become A Magnet To Money is by Bob who tells us the tips and techniques to attract more money into our lives. The second part The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness is by Michelle Blood who gives guidance to all which you may be feeling, as you rise higher into Oneness with Divine Consciousness. The second part of the book was beyond my comprehension of Divine Consciousness, so could not enjoy or benefit from that. I am supposed to feel rejuvenated after reading the complete material on Unlimited Consciousness, but I felt blank. However, the first part by Bob Proctor was very interesting and informative that I even started to work out few things, which I would not have done otherwise. Once you are done reading the book, I would suggest listening to the Audio CD that comes along. Things will make deeper sense, the second time. Here is a list of some of the concepts explained in the book.

Invariably every teacher on Motivational/Transformational Training tells us the relationship between being happy and having abundant wealth. You can start with nothing, but you need to be happy and be in that mental state, most of the time. Just by being in that vibration and taking simple actions toward your goal of accumulating abundant wealth, anyone can become who they want to become. The first and foremost thing is “Be Happy and Grateful”. Other than the usual motivational/feelings/vibration based discussions, this book packs some practical tips to tune your mind to achieve financial freedom. Some are…

Multiple Sources of Income (MSI)

Whatever work that you are doing right now is your Primary Source of Income (PSI). If your PSI is something that you love to do, please continue doing that job. Else, look for some job which gives more meaning to you and your life. PSI is where you need to be present (i.e. Need your time or physical presence).

MSI is other alternative sources which give you an income but doesn’t require your constant intervention. It could be the royalty from the books, photography or art, rental income, income from investments, advertisement income from your website, income from selling products online etc.

Please, please do not let your inner voice say, “Hey, that’s not for me. I am not going to sell soaps for an income. I do have my own values to live by”. Even I was under the influence of this thought when I first read this chapter. You may not have MSI right now or do not see any real possibility of having one or more in near future. The BIG idea is to open up your mind to the possibility of having MSI. Just don’t fix your mind ONLY on PSI. When your mind is open for MSI, you will automatically start looking for options within the limits of your own value system. Almost every millionaire/billionaire in this world has MSIs. Great Idea!

The Law of Relativity & Income Acceleration

I absolutely love this Idea, Read on. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for few hours and grab a pen, paper, and a calculator. Play this game. Think about a ridiculously huge amount (I’d say $5 million) and decide that you are going to earn that amount in 12 months. Think about MSIs. Take this seriously to your heart and try to solve this puzzle, little by little. Think seriously that you have to earn this money and think about the possible ways available to you. Do this once every week religiously for few weeks. You might not have got any solutions/ideas after few weeks. But you are creating your future inside your mind. After few weeks of doing this exercise, you may lower the amount to say $3 million. This time, $3 million won’t feel like a huge amount to you. Your mind will think that it’s relatively easy to earn $3 million. Wow… Your mind is tuned into Income Acceleration mode. You are gaining prosperity consciousness. This is the Law of Relativity.

Daily Action List

Goals without actions stay as dreams and never materialize. By this time, you would have finalized your goals. Just break down your goals into the smallest possible unit of work which can be done in a day or even in a minute. Write them down on your Daily Action List and do one task in a day. It’s, just that simple. But do these continuously for 30 days and it will become your habit.

A sample daily action list could be like…

I will create a website of my streaming videos, explaining the products and services that my company offers. This is a goal.

The Daily Action List could be.

  1. Buy a Domain Name.
  2. Buy hosting space.
  3. Research for a web designer
  4. Get a good picture of me on the home page.
  5. Get a good video camera.
  6. Learn how to take good videos.
  7. Shoot the video etc.

The idea is to make sure that one action can be completed comfortably in a day. Before you realize, you would have accomplished more than what you would have done without Daily Action List.

These are just a glimpse of what this book has to offer. If you are interested in abundant wealth, make this book your constant companion. You can get a copy of this book by clicking the below links.

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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