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25 Sep 2013

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Book: Attract Money Now (Audio CD)
Authors: Joe Vitale
ISBN-13: 978-1596595996

I knew Dr. Joe Vitale from the movie, The Secret. I use to follow his blogs for a while and lost touch in the course of time. Way back in 2008, I had downloaded this book to read in the future. This week was it. It’s simply awesome. I wish I could have read this book much earlier in my life.

I have read many books which teaches the tips, tricks and possible means to earn more money or create additional income streams. Most of them were about setting up your own business. This book is different from such other books. This does not teach about business or getting a higher paying job. This book discusses nothing that is materialistic. It’s all about our minds, the way we think about money and how to alter our thinking in our favor. This book does not say, “Just sit and daydream - Money will flow to you”. We still have to do the hard work. It just helps to keep our minds focused on abundance, instead of scarcity - which will obviously help to achieve our goals.

One good thing about this book is that it has “action steps” at the end of each chapter which will help you to recollect what you learned in that chapter and also to reflect your current situation with respect to the topic discussed. Please follow them. Not just in your mind. Take a pen and a paper and do the exercises. Write them down. I found this enormously useful. When you start writing your thoughts, without stopping, you will be surprised to know the hidden side of yourself. I did.

Here is the gist of the 7 Steps that were discussed in this book. There were bonus materials at the end of the book too.

Step 1: Alter How You Think

Limiting Beliefs - Any belief that is in conflict with your conscious goals or hinders/prevent you from achieving your goals. If your goal is to make more money, you should have a positive attitude towards money. Some people do think, “Rich people are greedy”, “Wealthy people make money with immoral acts” etc., Those are not true. So, the first step is to identify, if you have any such beliefs over money or even the mild variations of such belief. Once you identified those beliefs, bring them to the light, question the validity of those beliefs - 99.99% they are not valid. Once you consciously reason your belief and if that belief is proven wrong, it’s no longer a belief for you. You are free from limiting beliefs about money. You should have a positive approach/belief to have more money in your life.

Step 2: Give Without Expectation

“You must tithe 10% of your income to the churches” - he. I am kidding. This is not Christianity. But the concept of tithing is a very powerful one. The author says that “Money flows”. You should give as much as you receive. When you give money to others, you are in the flow. Your mind is open to abundance and free to think about other possible ways to make more money.

Couple of things to note here.

  1. Give without expecting anything in return. Otherwise, it becomes a business.
  2. Give to the place or person where you received inspiration. Not to churches, unless you receive inspiration from the church.

Every week or every month or even every day, look for the place or person where you received the maximum of inspiration and give your money. It does not matter if it is $1 or $1M. Just give what you can and you will attract more inspiration - which in turn makes you achieve more.

Step 3: Prosperous Spending

Spending to attract more money?. This is something that I never heard of. Joe Vitale does not talk about reckless spending and racking up the credit cards. When you have the money to buy and there is a desire to buy, go buy!. Never buy on credit. The author stresses the importance of spending on ourselves. A lot of times, we get into relationships and always think about making others happy and forget about spending for us. Spend for yourself. Spend with joy. When there is happiness in spending, you are in the flow of money. This is similar to Step 2, just that you give to yourself. Money is as much about spending as receiving. This is Prosperous Spending.

Step 4: Ask for Help

Asking for help is the fourth step to attracting money into your life. There is always someone out there who can help with your problems. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Just ask. Many people have resistance in asking for help but would feel happy to help when asked. Isn’t it?. This is the first level in asking for help.

The second level is to form a Mastermind Group of like-minded people with similar goals - who can support each other. Make sure that the group is small and meet regularly. Your group should be such that you can openly share your goals and get support from your group - no matter how ridiculous your goal is. This is the best idea of Napoleon Hill from the world famous book “Think & Grow Rich

Step 5: Nevillize Your Goals

When it comes to achieving your goals, you will have greater success if you make emotional connections in your mind, where you can feel, hear and experience what it will be like to actually have what you’re striving for. This is the same visualization concept explained in the movie “The Secret”. Imagining the end results, when working towards a goal actually increases the success rate of achieving that goal. Dr. Joe Vitale coined the word “Nevillize” to explain this process.

You may want to test this concept. Joe suggests to have a reasonable money goal, say “Attract $1000, $2000 or $5000 within the next 30 days”, nevillize that goal and keep an open mind for opportunities that may bring money. When you spot an opportunity, act on it immediately. You would have achieved that goal within that time. I am going to try this exercise. I will blog the results after 30 days :)

Step 6: Think Like an Entrepreneur

The best way to attract money is to think like an entrepreneur

The reason you want more money is that you want freedom. Freedom to go anywhere, do anything, live as you please and enjoy your life to the fullest. By far, the fastest way to accelerate your income is to become an entrepreneur. What he means by this is - Look for opportunities disguised in problems and see if we could make a business out of it. With the explosion of the internet to the nook and corner of the world, setting up a business is easier, faster and cheaper than ever before. Also, he suggests to set up multiple streams of income, no matter how small it is. Choose the opportunities that grow over time.

Step 7: Help Your Community & Your World

The seventh and final step in attracting more money is caring for your community and the world as a whole. This works hand in hand with giving - but it’s not just about money. It’s about sharing your time, knowledge and the lessons you have learned. So, constantly look for opportunities to give back to society. Your success will inspire others to achieve even more in their lives.

As you grow, your dreams and desires will change - don’t be afraid to jump on new opportunities that inspire you. This is one of the areas, that I have tough times to adjust with. I hang on to too many things that I originally decided to do. I thought that was persistence. But, Dr. Joe Vitale says that we must be free to move on to new ideas that excite and inspires us. Never fear to let go of the old ideas. Let me try.

More than this, there is a huge list of personal development books listed at the end of this book. I was very excited and decided to read each and every one of them. I chose to read “Zero Limits” by Dr. Joe Vitale which talks about a mysterious Hawaiian healing method.

Thanks, Dr. Joe Vitale for this book. I will try the steps described in this book and see what happens!

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

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