A Promise Is A Promise

03 Aug 2014

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Book: A Promise Is A Promise
Author: Dr. Wayne W.Dyer
ISBN-13: 978-8189988111

Unconditional Love - We heard thousands of quotes about unconditional love and seen various depictions of it in many movies. I am not sure about you, but I believed so firmly that I knew what an unconditional love is - until I read this book.

This is one of the few books that surprised me on the back cover and made me cry in the first few pages. I was in a bookshop. I had to secretly wipe out my tears to continue reading the book. I could not read any further, without controlling my emotions. So, I bought the book, came home and cried (actually read).

Can you imagine this?.

You are a woman, happily married a handsome man, with two beautiful girls. You enjoy every moment of your life with your family, watching your cute angels grow. One fine day, your elder daughter, who is mildly diabetic falls sick and you have this last conversation with your daughter.

Daughter: Promise you won’t leave me. Will you, Mommy?.
Mother: Of course not, I would never leave you, darling. I Promise. And a promise is a promise.

Right after the conversation, she slips into a coma. She needs to be fed a specially prepared baby food every two hours, and insulin every four hours, round the clock. In addition to that, bathing her daily, turning her around every two hours to prevent bed sores, doing physiotherapy exercises to prevent muscle atrophy, having conversations with her, being next to her all the time.

Those activities essentially mean that - You cannot sleep for more than 90 minutes at a stretch, be it a day or night and the 90 minutes nap would be on a chair next to her (never on a bed). You cannot take a vacation. You cannot go to a movie. You cannot step out of the house for more than a couple of hours. You cannot fall sick. You are bound next to your comatose daughter all the time.

When you had a severe heart attack, you spent the 10 days in ICU. As soon as you are back, you started caring for your angel. That’s the only vacation you ever had in your life.

And you do that for 38 years. Yes. You read it right. 38 years in a stretch and you die.

Every moment in that life, you keep up your hope that your daughter will wake up one day. Even with all the difficulties, debts, you smile, love everyone and be grateful for your life. Can you imagine living a life like that?.

The mother is Kaye O’Bara.

The daughter is Edwarda O’Bara.

The bond between them is Unconditional Love.

How can anyone on this earth, not moved by this inspiring story?.

Edwarda’s sister Colleen took care of Edwarda after their mother Kaye passed away. Edwarda died after 42 years in a coma at the age of 59.

I thank Dr. Wayne Dyer for bringing this inspiring story to the rest of the world. I really appreciate his thought to keep the book short and crisp. However, there are a couple of things that could have been avoided in this book. Later part of the book is filled with miracles, Christian concepts, Virgin Mary, the blessed mother talking to Kaye etc., which I could not relate to myself. Marcelene Dyer’s article about the same story was repetitive and did not add any value to the book, other than being an emotional outburst of a mother.

This book is a must-read for everyone !!!.

To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return - Madonna

If unconditional love is braveness, she is a mighty warrior.

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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