57 Minutes - All That Stands Between You And a Better Life

25 Oct 2014

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Book: 57 Minutes - All That Stands Between You And a Better Life
Author: Mike Jackson, Pierre Lever
ISBN-13: 978-1105209079

I generally don’t read books by authors who are not familiar with me. I think, I downloaded this book to my kindle couple of years back and just now got the chance to read. I am glad I did. This is a very short book, takes less than an hour to read and filled with transformational ideas to improve your life. Some of them knocked me out, some of them left me speechless and some are regular. Overall, a very good list of powerful ideas. I don’t know which idea will resonate more with you. So, I suggest you read by yourself and have fun implementing those ideas.

This book could have been easily expanded to a 300-page book. But, No fillers added. The authors intentionally chose to keep the book small. The same feeling that you would get from reading “The Science of Getting Rich”. Good Choice.

I don’t have to re-read the entire book for writing this review. There is a summary at the end of the book. I am presenting the same summary in this review. Happy that the authors saved reviewer’s time too :)

Also, I don’t have to underline all the books that were mentioned/referenced in the chapters. There is an appendix section at the end, which is very convenient for me to choose the next books to read. Thanks to the authors.

The 57 Minutes Cheat Sheet

Make Time Stand Still - Identify absorbing activities that make your time stand still when you do them - build as many of these possible (rather than just short-term kicks) into your daily life.

Use Fear to Your Advantage - Missed opportunities are more painful than occasional mistakes - be conscious of your self-doubt, confront it and take the steps to push through your crippling fears.

Design Your Dream Job - Motivation at work is linked to the activities, where we get the most intrinsic reward from - identify these using “3 Whys?” and build a career around them.

Quit Your Way to Success - Quitting is not the same as failing - if additional hard work and dedication will only take you further away from your goals, it is not only OK to quit, it is time to quit.

Make a Life List - If you don’t know where you are going, then you are unlikely to get there - create a written list of all the experiences and achievements you want in your life and update it regularly.

Think Backwards to Get Things Done - Plan objectives backward from the end goal - be motivated by the goal, but focus on the little increments needed to get there.

Recharge Your Batteries - Balance is essential for effective energy management - create clear guidelines to ensure your periods of high performance are balanced by opportunities for rejuvenation.

Be an Ironman - Thinking big is for everyone - be creative, brainstorm big dreams and craft the actions required to exceed them.

Gather a Personal Fortune of Experiences - Experiences provide deeper satisfaction than possessions - invest more in pursuing great experiences rather than in accumulating things.

Celebrate - We are so often confronted with negative stimuli that we forget the good things in our lives - find every opportunity you can to celebrate.

Don’t Label Anything “Once in a Lifetime” - When you label something as “Once in a Lifetime”, you create unreasonable expectations - make the best of every activity, and if necessary, try again.

Listen to Your Mother - The pursuit of happiness means becoming a better and more genuine YOU, not a better someone else - put yourself out there; you’ll be glad you did.

Live Your Life as a Story - Pro-actively fill your life with chapters after chapter of amazing life experiences - each one deliberately different from the last.

You may get the feeling that you didn’t grasp all the ideas discussed in this book, like me. So, I am going to keep this book in Kindle and re-read whenever time permits and as I move on to the implementation of those ideas.

Overall, time well spent. Thank you, Mike Jackson & Pierre Lever.

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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