100 Ways to Motivate Yourself - Change Your Life Forever

20 Oct 2013

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Book: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself - Change Your Life Forever (Audio CD)
Author: Steve Chandler
ISBN-13: 978-1565114210

Steve Chandler is one of the most sought-after personal development gurus in America and the best selling author of over 30 books. This audiobook in his own voice is more than a decade old but still holds good to this world.
Everybody needs the motivation to achieve their goals. As humans, we cannot be high on motivation all the time. We do reach stressful low situations sometimes and we do certain things to bounce back. Everybody has their own ways to keep the motivation level high. Steve tells you 100 different ways to keep motivate yourself in this audiobook. Many of them are different, offer a different perspective and alters the way I think. I did compile a list of my favorite items from this 100 in a notepad. I will frequent this notepad, again and again, to keep me motivated towards my goals. Thank you, Steve, for this collection.

Some of my favorites are: (just a gist - listen to him for a detailed explanation)

  1. Kill Your Television - One side of the glass is the people who do and on the other side, the people who watch. Which side you belong to?. Never thought in this perspective.

  2. Leave Your Friends - who does not support your goals or share your vision. This one would be tough. I have a lot of friends who are really good at heart, but ridicule/laugh at my every goal, idea or vision. Eventually, I stopped sharing my ideas with them. Steve suggests doing that early. There are billions of other people who can help you propel ahead.

  3. Run Towards Your Fears - Something safe and better wait on the other side of your fear.

  4. Read Yourself a Success Story - Yes. Read Aloud. I learned this technique in a voice acting course by Dr. Prakash. It has helped me immensely. Pick up a book of success stories and read aloud to yourself a success story every day. This works.

  5. Just be Unexpected - Do what makes you tick. Write, Collaborate, Create. Do anything you want. Creativity does not mean originality. Build upon others work, create a better version of it or simply share others work, if you don’t have a clue about creativity. Don’t let the “Originality” idea prevent you from doing something good.

  6. Act Like a Hero - Damn. I do this from my childhood. Whenever I go to a movie and impressed with the hero, I think myself as the hero in the movie. I feel awesome. Without heroes, we are plain simple boring people. Choose as many heroes as you want, and try to act like one (doesn’t mean to jump like Spiderman)

  7. Say NO to yourself - Seriously?. Yes. Sometimes. Especially when it comes to discipline. Your body and mind will come up with creative questions to keep you in the bed. Don’t listen to them. Say NO. Become your own disciple. Do 2 things daily that you don’t want to do. Assume that those are the orders from your guru version of yourself. Do it, no matter what you think.

  8. Get up on the right side of the bed - Waking up with a high sense of purpose, motivates your brain to keep moving forward. Just wake up.

  9. Welcome Your Problems - Every solution has a problem in first place. So, welcome yours and strive to work towards the solution.

  10. Drive to a Library - Trust me, this would be the best spent miles on your car. Drive to a library at regular intervals and pick up a book of your choice or get a book online.

  11. Replace your Habits - Many of us have unhealthy or not-so-good habits, which we want to stop. Those habits cannot be killed instantly. They must be replaced with a new, healthy & positive one.

  12. Get some Coaching - I have been hearing this advice from almost all of the self-help gurus out there. I never had a life coach in my life. But, beginning to think that I should have one. I am getting into intellectual conversations with few of my friends which helps me to clarify my thinking and made to make substantial changes in my life. If I could benefit from my friends, I would definitely benefit from a coach. I shall get one soon.

  13. Perform Rituals - My favorite lesson from Robin Sharma. After I started to wake up at 5 AM daily, I began my morning rituals and understand by practice, the importance of rituals. It does not matter how much time you spend on rituals. It could be 5 minutes or 3 hrs (like me). What matters is that you do it consistently to see the benefits. You can see the rituals that I perform here.

  14. Keep All your Promises - No matter what happens, fulfill your promises. Think twice before making a promise and never back out from it, once it is made. The pride and self-confidence that you get out of fulfilling your promises against odd situations, is more valuable to your personal growth than anything else in this world.

  15. Be a List writer - Break them down to lists. Anything. Be it a problem, solution, suggestion, ideas, planning a trip. Anything. Just list them down to small activities. Once you write them down on paper in the form of lists, the task at hand seems simple and do-able. Just do it.

These are just a few of the 100 + bonus tips explained in this audiobook. Get the book to explore more !!!

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

home > categories > book-reviews

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