The Power Of Death

28 Dec 2015

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Book: The Power Of Death - A Radical Path to Personal Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment
Author: Gabriel Dee
ISBN-13: 978-1515019916

I generally don’t read any books that sound negative. I simply don’t want to waste my time reading half of the book and then close it. This book is an exception. I did not go after this book. The author contacted me and asked if I am willing to read the book and review. I paused for a moment and said OK.

Gabriel Dee - This is not his original name. He changed everything about himself. I liked the message from him - The message is important, not the messenger. I felt so moved that I removed all the references to myself from my own personal website. I will eventually change the domain name of my personal website, as soon as I get a good alternative. Not many authors have had so much influence on me from a single book.

This book has nuggets of wisdom spread all over. Simple quotes that make you think very deeply. Many times, I stopped and re-read those simple quotes to grasp the message. Simple and powerful - a deadly combination. This comes naturally to the author. I should probably collect all those quotes and publish it in a separate blog post.

Death Awareness - a concept he proposes that the awareness of death, being aware that this very moment could be our last - is the way to immortality. He does not believe in god/evil, afterlife, heaven/hell, rebirth etc. But he talks about being immortal; that our soul/what-ever-name-you-assign lives forever. This life on earth is just a simple human experience for a short time. However, he did not discuss in depth about - being immortal. (i.e. what does he mean by the word immortal?)

He talks about the benefits of death awareness, the after-effects of near-death experiences, practices of spiritual masters like Buddha and Osho, fear/denial of death, masks worn by all of us at different stages of our lives etc. There are too many inter-related things that are covered in this book. Not in-depth, but an overview of every other aspect of death awareness.

I loved the chapter on ego. It struck me really hard on many levels. I am already practicing non-attachment and minimalism in my life. After reading this chapter, I am letting go of many things which I use to think that I was in control of. I choose to remain anonymous and happy in my own ways. You may/may not get the similar experience, depending on where you are - on your spiritual path.

He discusses the possibility of experiencing psychological death while living on this earth and explains seven methods to face death. He also created “Defeat Death Meditation” - an audio course which will make you experience what you learned in the book. He provides a free audio sample of the course. Please listen. If you are inspired enough, please go ahead and buy the audio course. The learning will not be complete without experiencing it. I am about to listen to the audio course. I cannot comment anything at the moment about the course. I will come back and update this review if the Defeat Death meditation is extraordinary (which I hope to be the case).

Nevertheless, it’s a good read.

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