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The Greatness Guide

28 Dec 2010

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Book: The Greatness Guide
Author: Robin S. Sharma
ISBN-13: 978-8179925768

Back to Robin Sharma again. Every now and then, if you don’t read Robin’s book, you are definitely missing something from your life. He is the guiding star for me. Providing me the wisdom I need and miraculously at the right time. You call it co-incidence or whatever. Thanks Robin.

The Greatness Guide - 101 short essays and stories to inspire you and help you achieve your greatness in all walks of your life. This book is slightly different from his other books. This is a collection of essays and event that happened in Robin’s life, written in different periods and at different places, put together in one book for us. I don’t know what to mention in the review and what to leave. If I had to write a perfect review for this book, I have to reprint the book’s content here. He reiterates the importance of leading without a title in this book as well.

Here are few of my favorites from his book.

I actually wanted to list down my favorite chapter, but ended up writing almost all. I took a lot of time to delete many of them from the list, just to give you a glimpse of the book. Trust me, this book is packed with much more wisdom that I listed here. Start the winning habit. Start reading. Grab this book.

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

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