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The Diary Of An Unreasonable Man

20 Dec 2010

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Book: The Diary Of An Unreasonable Man
Author: Madhav Mathur
ISBN-13: 978-0143065449

I generally read books on human psychology, self improvements, philosophy etc and refrain from reading novels. I don’t intend to avoid novels, just that I give importance to other genres. “The Story Of An Unreasonable Man” from Madhav Mathur is exceptionally fast paced. I liked the writing style. He used a rich vocabulary throughout this book, which I do not expect in a novel. However, you will get used to it in the first few chapters. Thanks to Sumit for introducing Madhav Mathur to me.

When I started the novel, I felt this is gonna be like “The White Tiger”, a negative poverty seller kind. But it is not. The story line is different and well framed. This Novel is about a guy named “Pranav Kumar” who doesn’t like the way things are and want to change the way the world operates. He decides that he could no more sell soaps, just for the sake of selling and quits his highly paid marketing executive job. He tries to get published and wanted to change the world with his pen, but the publishers didn’t mind him. When all the doors are closed, he teams up with his friends and comes up with novel ways to get his messages across the country, shakes the world and be heard as “The Anarchists of Mumbai”. Read the novel to witness the action.

We had seen similar stories in couple of movies, but this one different in terms of non-violence. Madhav has pointed out few of the social issues in his novel. Great. However, I do not agree with all of them. I have a complete opposite idea when he discusses about marketing, cars, fashion shows etc. So, may be your thoughts. I do not understand why he chose the word Anarchist, when none of his actions are against the state/country. His actions were against the people who are lame, in disciplined. Anarchism as a concept may hold good for a small society or tribes living in remote forests. But, for a country with more than a billion citizens, I doubt. That’s a whole big discussion on itself. Lets not get into it now.

Overall, its a good novel to read in a weekend. I think you can finish the novel in one stretch. Madhav Mathur has made to my list of favorite authors. Congrats Madhav !!!

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

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