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Resident Dormitus

13 Nov 2011

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Book: Resident Dormitus
Author: Vikas Rathi
ISBN-13: 978-8129117540

Could a person be always nonchalant and care-free? That too a boy who was born and brought up in the culture rich India? Well, that’s what Achet is, our hero. I started reading the book with no expectations and an open mind. Rupa & Co’s publishing hiked the credibility even before I started reading. Vikas definitely has a dark sense of humor and a deep philosophical insight.

The story starts with a guy entering into corporate world afresh and reckless. The very first day he boozes and misses the training. My eyes literally popped out at this! Now, you can imagine what sort of character he could be to do such stuff. To be honest, I can never even imagine doing something like that. While Achet is like this, there is Dev who is an icon of spoiled brat. Then come Arjuna, Alex and Bala. This could be anyone’s story except for few of the eye rolling factors. I was able to connect to every character in some or other way and that made me go deeper into the plot.

I was very much happy about philosophies sprinkled here and there in the story. It added to the story’s aroma, bringing out even the trivial knots of life. No superficial words and exaggeration made the story almost real and practical. Evasive attitude of the new joiners was well portrayed. Singapore and Kaulalampur was picturized in such a way that I felt they are no way different from any Indian Metropolitan city.

At some point, I thought, “Am I reading the upgraded version of five-point someone (what not to do at corporate instead of IIT)?” No, this book is definitely not an upgraded version of five-point someone. You might find some traces here and there but this is so different.

The jokes and pranks of Achet are so pervert. It’s gone overboard when he speaks to those sales people. Is that really necessary? His height of recklessness is shown at various places and makes you raise an eyebrow. Arjuna’s extremism raises many questions in mind. Dev is pathetic but I hardly felt any sympathy for him. Bala was just another girl with no great role in the story.

The climax is the X factor of the novel and will surely hit your nerves. My heart skipped a beat reading the last few pages. I was so furious and confused at the same time. How many of us can coolly handle the suicide of a friend? That too if it happens in front of our eyes? I leave it to the readers to decide upon that. Many would find the climax as a big cliche. But that is where the story’s beauty lies. It makes the whole novel unique and not a monotonous repetition.

I found the book very contradicting. It’s so real and surreal at the same time. There are many close-to-the-heart scenes and some dumb scenes too. I really liked the originality of the script and the boldness of the author to write what he actually wanted. Very promising writing and really a commendable work. Might take some time for the story’s depth to descend upon but once it does a strong wave is sure to hit your heart. Many wouldn’t like it at the first read and find it either too philosophical or too fictional. But,I strongly suggest reading this book and later ponder upon the thoughts presented in the book. I can bet that something new would dawn upon you. Great work Vikas! Expecting more books in future!

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

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