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25 Oct 2011

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I wish I could hold time
And be here forever
As long as the stars live
But all I have is tonight

Take me in your arms
Hold me for very last time
Like you could never let go
For all I have is tonight

Let’s try and fool the time
And live this night forever
Like there is no tomorrow
Beyond the confines of tonight

Don’t look at the clock
For the time’s ticking away
To tear me away from you
For all we have is tonight

Take my life in return
But give me your love
To stay buried in my heart
Even after long tonight

And I shall never be alone
Till death do us apart
If only you give me your love
And never take back this night

When the morning creeps up
And wrenches you from me
I’ll go back to sleep
And pretend its still tonight

Down the lanes of future
I’ll smile through my tears
When I look back at you
And embrace the memories of tonight

-By My Good Friend

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