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Chicken Soup For The Indian Soul - A Book Of Miracles

03 Jan 2012

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Book: Chicken Soup For The Indian Soul: A Book Of Miracles
Author: Raksha Bharadia, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen ISBN-13: 978-9381626368

This is the first book I read in Chicken Soup series. The title “A book of miracles” made me raise eye brows, wondering what I could expect in this book. The excerpt at back cover confirmed my guess that it’s superficial yet true incidents that happened in people’s life. Though the secret was revealed, my curiosity took over me and I found myself reading the book ardently.

Sometimes you meet someone somewhere and the incident seems to have happened before. And you wonder how it is possible. You try to tell this to your friends and most of the times you get skeptic looks and mock laughs behind the back. Well, I’m a person who has experienced those. Though I have a different rationale for the miracles and coincidences, I do believe that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN IN LIFE.

The very first story “Angelic presence” by Seema Agarwal gave me a slight shiver. Though many of the stories are so similar to the ones which we have heard in our early days, each story never fails to widen your eyes or even make your heart skip a beat (If ardent believer in religion). And the fact that these stories being real life incidents ignited a debate between my mind and heart for many of these couldn’t be explained in the present scientific terms. Stories have been compiled and sorted under same kind and presented with an anecdote in the beginning of every part.

Modern day scientists and psychiatrists may give rational explanations for many of the events which will make most of the atheists to nod their heads in approval. But there are a few occurrences which transcend all the human rationale. No “mind over matter” like theories can explain those. There are a few stories which hit me like hitting the bulls eye.

These ten stories stand apart and really touched my heart. You can reason many of the incidents in these stories. So what? If something from within makes things possible, name it as you like it. Let it be your own will power or faith or karma or some angelic help.

Literary critic is a little difficult with respect to this particular book because it’s not penned by just one author. Simple language and brevity are the two great plus points, I would say. Even beginners in reading wouldn’t find it difficult to read. However, I came across a few difficulties. Some of the stories narrators haven’t identified themselves properly in the beginning. Couldn’t make out if the narrator is male or female in many of the instances. Either had to turn the page to find the name at the end of the story or look for any hints of self-identification in the story. It was a little disturbing and interrupted the flow. Also, I felt certain stories were categorized under a different category while it seemed to belong under a different category.

The book might be a really a book of miracles for those who really believe in a supreme power while might make the agnostics scratch their chins with skepticism. And for those trying to take a double stand, this book definitely has the potential to convince you to turn a believer of miracles. You can find conviction and genuineness in all the 101 stories. I would conclude that any event and every event in life is a miracle, for I consider: Life itself is a MIRACLE.

Please buy the book from your local bookstore.

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