Building the Perfect Physique - [Tip 6] Weight Loss with Burpee

28 Nov 2012

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Seriously, its been hell of three months. I was religiously following all the tips on every single day. I lost three kilograms of weight in the first month and slowly gained it back at the end of three months. Now, I am exactly at the same point where I started. This is not what you expect from me. Isn’t it?. But, this is the truth. When I told this to my friends, everyone has their version of the same story. Hmm… Looks like a universal problem!

When I started this program to lose weight, I was supercharged initially and unconsciously I reduced the amount of food that I eat. My wife used to complain every day. Gradually, my wife’s complaints stopped. You guessed it right. I am back to square one. Does this mean that all these tips won’t work?. A hell NO. Maybe, I am missing a key ingredient. Maybe, these tips are supposed to work together, complement each other to be effective.

So, I am gonna add one more ingredient to my plan. Physical Exercises. Wait.. wait.. I am not going to join the gym today. OK. I am gonna start is slow and steady. Take small baby steps to my dream of having a six pack beach body. I should choose an exercise, which must be simple to start, but very effective. So, I chose one of my favorite exercises ever - Burpee!

Here is one video, which explains Burpee for the beginners. He broke down the exercise to 5 simple levels, to make it easy for the beginners. If you are new to workouts, please try to be comfortable with each level, before proceeding to the next. I suggest, three minutes of simple warm up and three sets of 10 repetitions for each level. Take a minute or two rest, between sets. Once you are comfortable with one level, you can move to the next level.

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