Building the Perfect Physique - [Tip 4] Weight Loss with Mind Movies

26 Sep 2012

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What is a Mind Movie?

Before I answer that question, I suggest you read this blog completely, so that you know by yourself. I don’t want anyone to blindly follow me. OK?

You might be reading this blog in your home or office or an internet cafe or even on your mobile. Just pause for a while. Look around you. Consciously look at each and every object around you. Notice even the smallest things that are made by man. I am sitting in my living room and I could see hundreds of things. My laptop, the table, the cup with water, a notebook, a pen, sofas behind me, TV, Phone etc.

How many of these objects were there 100 years ago?. Maybe a 10%?. How about 10,000 years ago?. Maybe nothing. Where did all these objects come from?. Definitely not from Heaven or from God. We made this. All these things were once, just a thought or an idea in someone’s mind. How did a thought become a thing?. We all know that not every thought materializes. Just a thought or idea is not enough. We need an inspired thought or idea - Yes. That’s all it takes. You need to be inspired by an idea to manifest them in reality.

What difference an inspiration brings?

Our brain gets around two million bits of information per second and our subconscious mind can process about only 40,000 bits per second. So, the incoming data must be differentiated to important and not-so-important categories and the important ones must be processed. This is achieved by Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is present in our brain stem.

The highest priority filter in RAS is the survival instinct. Next comes our belief system about our identity, values, experiences, repetitive thoughts etc. If you are inspired to do something, you keep thinking about that all day and RAS begins to look out for information related to your goal. Suddenly you will begin to see excellent opportunities for you to achieve your goal. How is RAS-related to inspiration?. When you are inspired by an idea, you put that idea in your RAS which in turn registers that idea in your subconscious mind.

The difference between having an idea in your conscious mind and subconscious mind is that your subconscious mind does not know the reality. (i.e. no negative thoughts) If you believe that you can fly, you will fly (thanks to Wright brothers). If you just think about an idea in your conscious mind but do not believe that it is possible, your conscious mind will interfere and present you a lot of facts that is not possible. Eventually, you may end up not doing it. I am not saying that conscious mind is bad. It is required to keep you in the safe zone (survival instinct). But, it does not have to apply for all actions.

How to get your goals into your RAS?

Only one possible answer is “Repetition”. There are no other proven shortcuts. Few ways that I know are: (google to find more)

What is a Mind Movie?

Of all the methods available, the one that is very easy to implement and very good at results is Mind Movies. It’s just the advanced version of Vision Boards which project your goals as a movie, engages your visual, hearing and emotional senses. Many people have difficulties to imagine themselves in the perfect life. When you ask them to imagine, they may see a blank screen. Mind Movies are effective because it presents what you want to imagine on the screen before you. You don’t have to force yourself to the imagination. All you have to do is, to imagine yourself in that movie. It’s your movie anyway.

Remember “Repetition” is key !… So, try to watch your mind movie as much as you can in a day. I suggest to watch it thrice a day at least. Once you wake up, once during the day and once before going to bed. If you have a smartphone please download the video into it and watch it as and when you can. The more your watch, the faster you will move towards achieving the perfect body.

You may not be able to relate yourself to the movie in the initial days. Because, your conscious mind will tell you that it is not you, shut that down and go back to what you were doing. Just hang on. Trust me. Sooner than you think, you will believe that it is possible to get the perfect physique. How soon?. It depends on the individual’s belief system that was developed from their childhood. By repeatedly watching the movie, you tell your RAS that this stuff is important and do not filter out any information related to achieving the perfect body.

When the message gets to your subconscious mind, you will be automatically inspired to do few things. Maybe, you will get attracted to the proper diet or you may want to exercise a little bit. Look for those little impulses and act on. When you act, it will feel effortless and easy, because you are inspired. The movie just opens up the possibilities for you. It’s you that have the lifting. But, never ever force yourself to do the things mentioned in the Mind Movies. That won’t sustain.

A gift for you

I spent a couple of weeks to create two mind movies (for men and women) to help achieve the perfect health. I did not concentrate too much on the weight loss, but on the perfect health (staying positive). There is costly software available from the creator Ryan on his website. However, I used Picasa software to create these movies for free. I can tell you how to do it yourself on the next blog probably. If you have good internet connection, you can watch these movies either on my blog or on YouTube. If you don’t, I suggest you download the movie to your computer (google to figure out how)

Perfect Health for Women

Perfect Health for Men

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