Building the Perfect Physique - [Tip 3] Lose Weight with Laziness

08 Sep 2012

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“The title sounds crazy. If you can lose weight by being lazy, everyone in the world would be slim and fit. This guy is wrong. He will deceive me to buy useless products. I am not going to waste my time reading this post.”

This was the typical reaction when I first read about the claim. I did research further and found that this tip works for many people. It may work for me. The best part is, this personal experiment was conducted by Phil Libin, the CEO of EverNote, one of the fastest growing company in Silicon Valley and this tip is published in Timothy Ferriss “The 4 Hour Body” as well.

Weight Awareness Experiment

In 2008, Phil Libin weighing 258 pounds, decided to lose weight by doing NOTHING. Yes!!!. He wanted to find the effect of precisely aware of his weight would have on his weight. He actually made a conscious effort to continue to eat whatever he wanted and got absolutely no exercise during this experiment.

Experiment - He weighed himself (naked) everyday around the same time, before breakfast. So, he knows where he is on a daily basis. He decided his ideal weight would be 230 pounds (when he weighed 280 pounds) and plotted the details in an excel sheet with his actual weight, ideal weight, maximum weight, and minimum weight. He lost 28 pounds in six months without making the slightest effort to change his behavior. Unbelievable. Is n’t it?

Just the awareness of how much you weigh on a daily basis, affects thousands of minute decisions that you make over the period of time, even though you would not realize that. How powerful !

You wanna try this experiment?. I strongly suggest that you do.

The Excel Sheet - Phil drew three different downward lines in an excel sheet. One for his actual weight, one for the maximum weight he can go up and one for the minimum weight he can go down. The downward slope for max and min weight, follows the pattern - today’s weight should be less than (0.1%) of the previous weight. Pretty easy?. The downward slope for his actual weight is his actual weight. He plotted his weight against the excel sheet everyday. It was not always down. Sometimes, it goes up. But the weight reduction is very gradual over the period of two years.

Looking at the results, I decided to try this. I created my own excel sheet based on Phil’s experiment. I am going to try this for 90 days. I will post my graph after 3 months. I am going to measure my weight in kilograms (not in pounds). This is my initial graph with just only day weight plotted.

Weight Tracker

Please click here to download my excel sheet template to use for your experiment. Here are the instructions to use.

PS: I have lost 1.5 Kg in two weeks, by following the below tips. I feel great and awesome !

Tip 1: Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up !
Tip 2: Lose weight out of the blue !

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