Building the Perfect Physique - [Tip 2] Lose weight out of the blue

05 Sep 2012

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Its been more than a week, following the first tip. I already feel slimmer (just feel. OK) and my appetite is reduced. (Its true. Trust me). I eat a lot lesser and feel full. I used to eat muffins daily, right after coming from office. I replaced muffins with bananas. I don’t have a weighing scale at home right now and planning to get one today. As and when I post the next tip, I will publish my progress also. Within one week, I don’t see any visible reduction in weight, but feeling good that I am doing something to build the perfect physique.

Today’s tip may look weird. If you google, you could find that 50% claims that it works and others claim that it doesn’t. I am going to try this tip and will blog about it further, if it works.

Blue Color - unappetizing color

If you look at our nature/environment, you would not find many natural plants/foods in blue color (except for blueberries). Thousands of years of evolution with nature, our brain does not recognize blue colored food as something safe to eat. This evolutionary instinct is to protect the people from eating dangerous or poisonous food. Even today, this instinct is alive at some level in everyone. This instinct may spread over the environment in which we eat food as well.

If your instinct is strong, you may feel reduction in appetite when you eat food surrounded with blue color. If your instinct is weak, it will not make a difference. Nevertheless, its good to try and check it out by yourself. Since this does not require to make conscious effort, I am going to try it.

Use blue color to reduce weight

Blue Color aids Weight Loss - Sexy Girl

Funny things apart, there are few simple things that we can do. This requires just the initial set-up and let the blue color work for you. You are free to choose the shade of blue you like. Don’t make the dining room, a dull place. Be as creative as you can and make it interesting.

Blue Color aids Weight Loss - Dining Table

Sunglasses to lose weight

It may sound strange, but people do wear blue color shaded sunglasses to avoid themselves from overeating. They claim that it works and started selling weight-loss-sunglasses. As with any advancement in technology, it started in Japan. Check out the advertisement by clicking the image.

Blue Color aids Weight Loss - Sunglasses

Why am I interested in this thing, with the claims of a bunch of unknown people, and unknown doctors and no proved evidence in science?. Just because, Johnny Depp tried this to reduce weight for one of his movies (he he he he… the blue color could be a co-incidence also). I am not mad enough to wear a blue color sunglasses all day, but I would try other options in the dining area.

Blue Color aids Weight Loss - Johny Depp Sunglasses

Which color increases appetite?

We know the color that reduces appetite and obviously we would like to know the opposite. right?. I will leave that to you to google and find out. But looking at the logos of the big fast food chains may give you a clue !

Blue Color aids Weight Loss - Red Appetizing Color

Tip 1: Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up !

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