Building the Perfect Physique - [Tip 1] Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up

28 Aug 2012

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Our first tip is from Timothy Ferriss “The 4-Hour Body”. This is quite a simple tip and would not be very tough to follow. Just eat your breakfast as soon as you wake up, preferably within 30 minutes.

I have the habit of drinking 500 ml of water every morning as soon as I wake up which helps to cleanse my body and have a clean bowel movement. I believe many of you have this habit as well. What to do now?. Eat breakfast first or drink water first?.

My Schedule for an early breakfast

This is what I did yesterday …

  1. Wake up by 6.30 AM
  2. Brush my teeth - 5 minutes
  3. Drink a big glass of water (that has the same effect of drinking a liter of water - from my experience)
  4. Prepare the cereals and wait for 15 minutes
  5. Start eating breakfast. (Within 30 minutes)

I eat a big bowl of cereals/muesli with cold milk every day. I like the taste and the less time it takes to prepare. I have been eating the same breakfast for over 5 years now and I never got bored with this food. However, not many of you are like me. Many of you prefer a variety of breakfast. In that case, it would not be possible to prepare the breakfast within 30 minutes. At least try to eat your breakfast within an hour. If you are married or having someone to prepare your breakfast, you are lucky. All others, plan for a week ahead for your breakfast and stick to it.

Many of us wake up an hour or so before the work time and hurry up the morning routine. Eating breakfast is generally the last thing that people do and are very susceptible to skip it. If that is the case with you, please try to wake up a little bit earlier (how little is up to you) and eat breakfast as the first thing in the morning.

Never ever skip the breakfast.

That’s one of the surest ways to gain weight. Eating breakfast early resets the metabolism. Think this, you have been fasting for 8+ hour and you must break it. Isn’t it?

Protein Rich breakfast

Generally, I tend to eat simple breakfast with a lot of carbohydrates (to give us energy throughout the day). I do that until today. I would say, I was ignorant of the importance of protein in the breakfast. I would stack-up the protein in the lunch and the dinner, but not in the breakfast. Tim suggests us otherwise.

The more protein you eat for breakfast, the more fat you will lose.

That’s amazing. Isn’t it?. Eat early breakfast with at least 40% of protein. The simplest way to reduce weight. One important thing is that you must never be hungry. Eat till you are full. I am planning to add 4 hard boiled eggs to my breakfast. (A bowl of Muesli + Cold Milk + 4 Hard Boiled Eggs). I will post an update as soon as I have some noticeable effect of this simple tip.

Drink more water and more often

The protein-rich meal is not good for the kidneys - Heard of this statement?. Don’t let this stop you. There is no evidence to prove this statement, and yet the myth lives. But, if you have a serious medical condition, please consult with your doctor. To ensure optimal liver function for fat loss, increased hydration is a must. Make special efforts to drink more water every day.

I take a one-liter bottle to Office every day and complete the bottle twice (1 - morning till afternoon, 2 - afternoon till evening). I feel the need to urinate often when I do this, which is actually good for my body. This gives me a break from the glazing at the monitor continuously, which is a good thing.

So, today’s tip is very simple. Here is the summary.

  1. Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up (preferably within 30 minutes)
  2. Eat Protein Rich breakfast (at least 40%)
  3. Drink more water and more often.
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