Birth Without Violence

11 Apr 2014

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Book: Birth Without Violence
Author: Frederick Leboyer M.D.
ISBN-13: 978-0892819836

Should the child birth be a painful experience for both the mother and the child?.

Should the child birth happen in a place filled with bright light, noise and people?.

Should the child cry out loud as soon as they are born?.

Should the umbilical cord be cut immediately?.

Should the child be separated from the mother, cleaned and weighed immediately?.

What if everything that we know about child birth is wrong?.

If children are angels, shouldn’t their entry to this world be a fairy tale?.

Frederick Leboyer, who has himself delivered more than 10,000 babies, shows us that child birth does not have to be a terrifying experience. Before I say a word, please look at the below comparison.

Birth without Violence

Can you sense the difference?.

We were taught by the society, our parents, our grand parents for generations that child birth has to happen in a certain way. Even bible says so. Why should we think otherwise?.

The man who delivered thousands of babies in the regular way, felt that this process could be improved. He made small, simple changes to the child birth process and helped 1000+ babies to transition to the world from their mothers womb in a pleasant, enjoyable way. All you need is a lot of patience, compassion, love for the baby and let the nature do its job in its own time. No need to rush and interfere.

Birth without violence

Some of the small changes he did were

  1. No bright lights. Use the bare minimum amount of light required. Usually a night bulb.
  2. No noise. No talks. No shouting. If there is a need to talk, they just whisper.
  3. Patience. Lot of patience. Its going to be longer than the regular process.
  4. Do not cut the umbilical cord immediately. During the child birth, the baby pushes lot of oxygenated blood to placenta, so that the baby shrinks and can come out easily. The placenta beats for few minutes (pumps the blood back to the baby) after the child is born. While the baby tries to get into the rhythm of breathing, the blood from placenta supplies the required oxygen to the baby’s little brain. The umbilical cord can be cut after it stops beating. In some cultures, the placenta is called “The Little Mother” and they don’t cut it at all.
  5. Place the baby in the mothers belly and let the mother to connect with the baby with a soft touch. The baby realizes the mothers touch, feels comfortable and slowly the breathing becomes normal.
  6. Separate the baby from the mother and keep the baby in a tub filled with warm water. The baby floats. Every little muscle in its body relaxes. The baby opens its eyes, moves its hands legs and enjoys the stay in water.

… and many more tips on how to handle the baby during the entire process.

The whole books reads like a poem. Mesmerizing. I couldn’t close the book. When you are done reading, you are sure to have a smile on your face. If you are planning for a baby or not, please read this book. This is one of the few books that changed the world permanently. Look at the 12 hrs old baby who was born in a natural way.

Birth without Violence Calm Baby

Me and my wife are glad that we got to know this before our first child. We are definitely going to make our child’s entry to this world a very pleasant one. I am very much thankful for Frederick Leboyer for writing this book. I thank my friends Reba and Paul for successfully deliver a cute baby girl in the most natural way possible and all the information and encouragement that we received from them regarding child birth.

This book is a must read for all :)

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